Laptop VS Computer

Laptop VS Computer

A laptop computer or notebook computer people can easily carry in a backpack and we can easily move one place to another place, laptop run by battery but the computer is different it run by main power and the computer take much space as compared to laptop and it’s designed for only one place. If you want to increase some hardware parts of the computer you can easily increase such as RAM and Hard Drive.







Computers are designed to be used in a single location; computers require the main power supply. We can’t move from one place to another place. Computers take up a lot of space.




Laptops are very portable for their size. We can easily take it from place to place. It’s run by batteries and ac power.






It is large in size

It is small in size

It can have multiple internal drives

It can small multiple internal drives

The computer is not portable

It is easy portable

It runs on the main power supply

It can run on battery, AC supply, and main power supply too

External keyboard and mouse are necessary

The keyboard and mouse are in-built. However external keyboard and mouse also can be used

Components of the desktop can be easily removed

Components of the laptop are not easily removed