Setting Up a Computer

Setting Up a Computer

When you purchase a new desktop computer you need to set up your desktop computer. People think setting up a new desktop computer is a complicated task but it’s easier than you think. Most desktop computers are set up similarly, it does not matter what brand of desktop computer you have. Every desktop computer is set up in a few easy steps. When you setting up your new desktop computer that time you want some components such as a CPU case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker these all things are enough for setting up a new desktop computer however you also can use some more devices such as a printer for printing a document or ethernet cable for access the internet.


Steps of setting up a new desktop computer or laptop computer

Setting up a laptop computer

Setting up a laptop computer is easier than a desktop computer. You just want to purchase a laptop computer then open your laptop computer after that press the power button to start your laptop computer. If your laptop is not charged so you will need to plug in the ac adapter however you can also use the laptop computer while it is charging. Every desktop computer comes with an internal keyboard even you can also use an external keyboard and mouse.

Follow these steps for setting up a desktop computer

Step 1: -

Purchase a desktop computer then open the box and find the desktop computer components such as computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

Step 2: -

Find the best place for setting up a desktop computer such as a desk.

Step 3: -

Connect your VGA cable or DVI cable to the CPU case then connect Keyboard and mouse to the CPU case and also connect the Power cable.

Step 4: -

When you connect everything on the CPU Case after that connect all power cables to ac power.

Step 5: -

After that you can turn on the desktop computer using the power button, now your desktop computer is ready to use.