Basic Parts of a Computer

Basic Parts of a Computer

The basic parts of a desktop computer are Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU, Sound Card, RAM, Hard Drive, DVD writer, Power supply unit, and Video Card.





The monitor is an output device of the computer that is also known as a video display unit. It is used to display information in the form of images, videos, or text on the monitor screen.




The Keyboard is an input device used for typing numeric and alphabetical words on the computer desktop screen. With the keyboard, we can give commands to both laptop and desktop computers. 





The Mouse is an input device it is also known as a pointing device and it is Used to click the various types of icons present on the system screen and various types of files and applications. A mouse comprises 3 buttons on the top which help select and move the mouse.  





 The computer case is called a cabinet, in the form of a cabinet metal and plastic box that contains the main component of the computer, including the motherboard, processor, ram, hard drive, video card, sound card, and power supply. On the front of the case, we can see the on/off button and one or more optical drivers.





The Motherboard is the main printed circuit board in the computer. It holds and allows communication between many of the crucial electronic components of a system, such as a Processor, RAM, Graphic Card, Sound Card, Hard Drive, and other drives.





The power supply unit is the hardware component of a computer that provides electricity to the computer and other devices.





The central processing unit (CPU), also called a processor, is located inside the computer case on the motherboard. It is the hardware part of the computer and sometimes CPU called the brain of the computer. When someone clicks on any application using ka keyboard or mouse to start a program, you’re sending instructions to the CPU.


RAM: -



The random-access memory (RAM) is your system’s short-term memory. It is a hardware component of a computer. Whenever your computer performs calculations, it temporarily stores the data in the ram until it is needed. RAM is measured in MB or GB. 



The hard drive is a hardware component of a computer. On the hard drive, you can store photos, videos, software, and documents. The hard drive is your long-term storage, which means you can store your data for the long term.





The video card is a Hardware Part of a computer, it is used for what you see on the monitor screen means it is used for showing content, video, and picture on a computer screen in high-quality resolution. 






The sound card is a hardware component of a computer. The main purpose of a sound card is what you hear in the speakers or headphones. It means a sound card provides you with sound in your external devices such as speakers, headphones, and earphones. 





The network card is a hardware component of a computer. A network card allows your computer to communicate over a network and access the internet. It can allow Ethernet cable or wireless connection.






 A DVD writer is a hardware component of a computer. The main purpose of a DVD writer is to be able to read all types of DVD media.


UPS: -




 A ups is a device that allows a computer to keep running for at least a short time, which means an ups stores some electricity to provide power to the computer for a short time.