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Keyboard shortcut for "Select all"?

this may be an odd question, but I can't figure out the key command to Select All text in a field. When I'm creating an invoice, I'll need to create a similar line item to the previous one, but I can't just use the CTRL+A keyboard short cut that is used in EVERY SINGLE APPLICATION I've ever used, Quickbooks opens the chart of accounts instead. I am so frustrated by this simple thing that I can't figure out. Please, does anyone have a solution to this?


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Kristine Mae

Moderator Kristine Mae


 ‎June 21, 2020 09:10 PM


Some shortcut keys are different on every application, Thefosterhouse.


I'll share with you the keys on how to copy a transaction line in QuickBooks.


A Select All key is unavailable. To copy the invoice transaction line, just highlight the row or line item, and press Ctrl Alt +Y. Then, press Ctrl Alt to paste it in a blank transaction line.


Let me add the reference about the keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Desktop. You'll learn the different shortcuts to do all kinds of things in the software.


If there's anything else that you need to know, please get in touch with us. We're right here to assist you.




BigRedConsulting Community Champion

Community Champion

 ‎July 03, 2020 02:28 PM



This is the stupidest thing. I am a software developer myself and there's something called Standardization. Which basically means that you want to make sure your software is as user-friendly as possible by making sure it includes universal shortcuts that most people are already familiar with, such as Ctrl+P for Print, Ctrl-C for Copy, Ctrl-A for Select All. 


It's a matter of common sense and principal. If your software does not comply with this form of standardization, it can deter people from proactively using it as it will require additional, unnecessary relearning which can very easily be avoided by using proper common coding practices.