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HTML Responsive Web Page

Define :

HTML Responsive web design is all about using HTML ,CSS,Bootstrap to automatically resize ,hide,shrink or enlarge a website.

-- Responsive web design is about creating structure for web pages that look good on phone, laptop,tablets and pc or all devices and automatically adjust the screen size and viewports.

Viewport :

viewport is the size of the window you are viewing your website and easy to see in desktop and phones .

the full size of the screen or you can shrink your browser that you are viewing your website and it is an essential the viewport on your desktop or mobile.

It is not the perfect responsive web page because the website page show on your phone screen and the size of the website page is  more 1020px and this size is laptop or desktop size.

we use the media query and to create the responsive web page.

Using the width and max-width property :

Use the CSS width property is set 100% and the image will be responsive .and same show  on your laptop and mobile phones.

And different images depending on your browser.

Similarly the text size can set with a"vw" unit which means the viewport width and the syntax is


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