HTML Editors Tutorial | Learn HTML Editor with WDH

HTML Editors

Advantages of using HTML Editors

1. They are of great benefit since they allow the users to easily check their syntax, insert commonly used HTML tags and structures and also provide auto-completion.

2. The code generated through an HTML editor can be translated to other languages such as XML, JavaScript,etc. For example-NVU editor provides this translation functionality.

3. Website development can be very exhausting and cumbersome. With the help of online HTML editors, it is possible to create websites with ease and at a faster rate.

4. HTML editors provide full control to the developer, hence helping him to delve deeper into the source code and find the hidden intricacies.

5. HTML editors provide an amicable and aesthetic designing experience.

Types of HTML Editors

There are broadly two types of HTML Editors:

Types of HTML Editors

1. Textual HTML Editor


These are text-based editors where the developers can write their codes and