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HTML Ordered Lists

Unordered List

HTML Unordered lists are recommended to be used with a list of items where order is irrelevant. An unordered list starts with the < ul > tag. Each list item starts with the < li > tag.



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The default bullet type for most web browsers is a black circle, but you can changed the default circle by using an HTML attribute called Type.



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Ordered List

HTML ordered list should contain information where order should be emphasized, An ordered list starts with the < ol > tag. Each list item starts with the < li > tag.



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Definition List

Un-ordered list and Ordered List are single item list, each < li > tag cam makes one list item. In some cases you have to define more than one item in a list , then you can use Definition List. HTML Definition List start with < dl > tag and each sub heading start with < dt > tag and details start with < dd > tag.

definition -list


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