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HTML Layout

Define :

HTML layout using specific tags called header navigation and footer etc .

These are tags that allows us to structure the content in a more organized manner and HTML is all about structuring the content and designing we do using css .

So we structure the web layout and web content using HTML and using some specific tag like header navigation and footer.

  • HTML layout has basically a several semantic elements that allows us to control the structure of our webpage.
  • They are basically an overall structural content or these tags basically content or manage the overall structural data of your web page rather than specific elements .
  • for example : we use header paragraphs ,images, links ,link list on order list tables these are elements these are components that you put inside the HTML .
  • for that we have header, we have a navigation,we have sections,we have aside,we have article,we have footer etc these are different tags that perform or that are used for particular specific structural content.
  • that specifically used to define the header area of your web page. It contains a logo ,a banner,your website slogan etc.

  • is used wherever you want to put a navigation menu .

  • defines whenever your main content or body of your text goes.

  • within itself where that there can be more than one articles and more than one components.

  • usually is a side menu or side panel  or sidebar .

  • basically a footer again the last bar details .

  • and and then there are other things that can also be incorporated within the layout so typically when we design a website.