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HTML DOM Li Object

The .getElementsByTagName() method returns a NodeList object, or an array of elements inside an element (or the tag name that you have provided to the method).

For example, the below script will return a NodeList object, which will have all <li> element on a web page.


Try it

Since, I am using the method getElementsByTagName() with the document, it will return all the <li> elements (visible or invisible) on a web page. You can iterate the array (the NodeList object) and get the details of each element.

Get all <li> Elements in <ul> using .getElementByTagName() Method

To get all the lis inside an ul element, you have to provide the parent <ul> element to the method. For example,

<ul id='nav_1'>

    let lis = document.getElementById('nav_1').getElementsByTagName('li');