HTML Computer Code Elements

HTML Computer Code Elements

Define :

HTML Computer code elements which includes code tag in HTML ,kbd tag in HTML ,samp tag in HTML, var tag in HTML,code tag in HTML, pre tag in HTML.

<kbd> element

The kbd element represent user input

for example lets write a paragraph that contains text and ctrl+c is the keyboard input and using the kbd element to make the computer code.

--using the kbd element change the font-size and size.

<samp> element

The samp element represent sample or quoted output from another program or computing system .

samp represent the sample output.

<code> element

The code element represent a fragment of computer code and that could as an XML element name,file name and any string name that could be recognize.

it is used to change the normal text,size .

<var> element

The var element represents a variable and this could be an actual variable in mathematical expression,programming context  .

a identifier represents a constant ,variables.