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HTML Formatting

Define :

Formatting tags as the name says which is used to modify the output.

Formatting of a chime document we can do it from these formatting tags which are coming now like the bold, italics, underline, superscript, subscript.

You want to show some text at the bottom like if you are from a chemistry background there is something called h2o so  2 at the bottom at is you know the smaller size that is this subscript similarly superscript like 10 square X square so that is the superscript tag big small will basically modify the size of the font from the current font size like big will make it bigger as a name say the small tag will make it smaller.


HTML formatting elements

  • -Bold Text
  • -Importannt text
  • -Italic text
  • -Emphasized Text
  • -Marked text
  • -Smaller text
  • -Delete text
  • -Instered text
  • -subscript text
  • -superscript text

Bold Text

tag defines bold text without any extra importance.

Example :

Output :

  tag defines text with strong importance but works similarly as bold.

Italic Text

tag defines the content inside is typically displayed in italic.

Output :

tag defines emphasized text but works similar as italic.


Output :


Output :

tag defines superscript text appears half a character above the normal line and sometimes smaller font.