HTML Input Form* Attribute Tutorial | Learn HTML Input Form Attribute with WDH

HTML Input Form Attribute

The form attribute Example:

Output :

The Form action Attributes:

specifies the URL of the file that may method the input management once the shape is submitted.

Example :

Output :

The formenctype Attribute

when submitting it to the server the enctype attributes specify how the form data should be encoded.

No characters are encoded. this value is required when you are using forms that have a file upload and control.

Output :

Formmethod attributes :


Form element provides us with an attribute called method to select either of these option's

there are two types of method attributes in HTML

1) Get method

2)  post method

Get method: After submitting data values are visible with URL.

  • Do not use sensitive data in get method.

Post method: value have no visibility in the URL address bar.

  • Use the post method so your data will be secured not visible in the URL bar and there is no limitation of URL length.

Output :

Formtarget attributes :

After submitting the form it specifies where to display the response that is received.

Example :

Output :

Formnovalidate attributes :

when submitted the form elements should not be validated.

Example :

Output :