React lists

React lists

React lists are a way to display a set of items in a structured, organized manner. They can be used to display data such as lists of products, users, or any other data that can be represented as a list.

Here is an example of a simple list in React

In this example, we are importing React and creating a functional component called List Example. Inside the component, we have an array of list items and we are using the map function to loop through the array and display each item as a list item (li) in an unordered list (ul).

It's important to note that each item in the list must have a unique key prop, so in this example we are using the item itself as the key.

You can also use the array of data and map it inside JSX and return that inside JSX as well

It's important to note that the data should be unique in order to avoid warning and errors.

These are just a few examples of how to use lists in React. With the ability to loop through data and display it in a structured manner, lists are a powerful tool for displaying and organizing data in your React applications.