React Custom Hook

React Custom Hook

React Custom Hooks are a way to reuse component logic in a functional component. They allow you to extract component logic into a reusable function, which can be used in multiple components.

To create a custom hook, you need to start with the word "use" followed by the hook's name. For example, if you want to create a hook that handles form inputs, you can name it "useFormInput".

Here is an example of a custom hook that handles form inputs:

You can then use this hook in a component like this:

This example shows how the custom hook "useFormInput" is used to handle the input values for the "name" and "email" fields in the form. The hook returns an object containing the current value and the change handler, which can be spread into the input elements.

Custom Hooks allow you to extract logic that can be reused across different components, making your code more maintainable and easier to understand. They are a powerful tool in your React toolbox, so make sure to use them in your next project.