Java Protected Attributes

Java Protected Attributes

Protected Attribute In Java
Protected is an access modifier hence we can use it to make a class, attribute, method, etc protected.
A protected keyword is used when we want to make something only accessible within the boundary of the same package, and same subclass.
Protected is a reserved word hence it will always be written in lower case.
Now we will see an example -
Example 1 -

package javaLearnings;

class T{
  protected int a = 10;
  protected int b = 20;
  protected int c = a+b;
public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {

  T on = new T();
  System.out.println("the sum of "+on.a+", and  "+on.b+" is  = "+on.c);



Output - 
Example2  -  Now we will see What will happen when we try to access
And second class is here - 
Here we can see that the class is public but the data inside in protected 
Output -