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Web Designing House (WDH) helps in making Facebook-Promotion one of the easier Task for entrepreneurs with it's tailormade and customized user-friendly expertise in the field.
At Web Designing House (WDH) we have Facebook Promotions for all kinds of and all Sizes of Businesses. We have laid down the following Guidelines which are easy to understand for Promotion on Facebook: -

The Responsibility lies on you for your promotion

Facebook is not liable to be responsible for your promotional efforts. You need to have specific and eligible programs for the purpose of promotion, and you need to have a disclaimer that Facebook has got nothing to do with your promotional activities.

Specific Areas of Operations: -

The promotions are required to be done through page timeline, or within other third-party apps.
Specific Tagging or Messaging:- One needs to be very careful about:
Any kind of action involving any personal timeline or friend connection through tagging or messaging etc. isn’t allowed.

One can offer the ‘like’ or “comment” for the posts of your promotion activities either on the page or timeline status update.
One has to abide by a certain set of rules and regulations and be cautious and mindful your promotional activities.

The In-Depth Look at Facebook Promotion Guidelines
There are four sections of terms and conditions set by Facebook that one needs to adhere about while running any promotional campaign on Facebook.

Page Guidelines: Rules and guidelines set for Facebook pages.

Platform Policies: Rules levied for the developers of apps having integration provisions with Facebook.

Community Standards Every Facebook user must adhere to the same.

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: The terms of service..

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Promoting strategies and providing results is what we stand for! Since the establishment in 2010, the company has successfully built long-term good business relations with different companies. Web Designing House engaged to provide SEO Services to international clients like from Australia, Dubai, USA, UK, Africa etc. We are passionate about what we do.