Brand Identity Designing

Brand Identity Designing Company

Brand Identity Designing makes a unique identity for your Brand or Business and provide it with the unique identification and differentiate you from the others.

In order to understand what exactly is brand identity all about? What does it has got to do with the designing? And ways to make strong brand identity which helps you take your business to newer heights?

Brand Identity Designing Company

What is a brand identity ?

What is a brand identity ?

The optimum place to start is the very beginning, let's understand what Brand Identity is first. Both the terms “brand,” and “branding,” also “brand identity” are used interchangeably, although they have a huge difference. A brand can be described as the perception about the company or business in the eyes of the customers both existing and perspective.

Branding is the process of marketing and marketing practices for shaping a distinctive brand in the market place.

WDH (Web Designing House) helps in the process of making and building the Brand identity which refers to the collective brand elements, that the company produces to represent the right image in front of the consumers or the customers.

Ways to Develop a Strong Brand Identity in the Market Place

Before deciding the tangible elements, one wishes to make the brand identity, one needs to understand what the brand perception in the market place is.

  • The Mission Statement one is working for.
  • The Values: -what beliefs drives the organization.
  • The Brand Personality.
  • The USP or the unique positioning: -how you are different yourself from the competitors.
  • The Brand Voice: -How does your Brand communicate.
  • The above stated elements define the Brand, and then one starts to build the Brand Identity, therefore, it is important to have clear understanding of the aspects.

Design: the foundation of your brand identity

There are various brands like Adidas, Nike etc. who have built their brand identity the same way the design also works and provide the brand identity to your organization. The Design Assets are tangible elements which makes a standing and perception of your brand. The Assets like the logo, packaging, the web design, social media presence and graphics, Designing of Business Cards and off course the uniforms of the employees.

Process of Developing Brand Design

Before initiating the process of creating design assets, one needs to start the basic looks of design structure: or in other words the building blocks of any brand identity. WDH (Web Designing House) assists you in the best possible ways in the process of Developing Brand Design in the following steps:-


Typography refers to the font or type for the purpose of branding materials. There are four types of typography


Potential Customers have psychological ties to various colors, and the strategic usage of the colors have long standing impact on the brand. Like Red is the color of passion or excitement, Orange is meant for high-energy color, Yellow: Yellow, the color of sunshine, refers happiness, Green is An incredibly versatile color etc.


Common elements of brand identity include:

  1. Logo: - it is the foundation for the brand identity.
  2. Website
  3. Product packaging
  4. Business cards
  5. Email design