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What is Adsense, How it works and what is the process of Getting Ad Sense account?

Adsense or Google Adsense is an advertising program which is based on CPC or cost-per-click; it permits publishers to place HTML into the websites through their ads which are relevant and targeted as per the content of the site.

Google Adsense

Adsense offers the easiest and simplest way to earn money for bloggers or webmasters through their websites. One needs to install the ad code in the site, then the Adsense spider check through crawling on the site to ascertain the pages and other website development information.

After scanning and analyzing that, the inventory of ads are crossed checked to make it relatable as per the articles. It works well as the ads are related to the interest area of the reader.

How it works with regards to publishers

Now the question arises how does it work? And who should use Adsense? The advertisers have to be careful in choosing the keywords which are to be advertised on.

Matching of the ads by the Adsense spiders:

The specific keywords help in the search and display of the information on Google. There are numerous Websites displaying the Adsense ads.

The Adsense folk spider goes and crawls the website to check and see the content and what all are they about. They match the same keywords that the advertiser is looking forward and they show up along with the results

The Process of Getting the Adsense Account

Earlier, one needs to create an account on Adsense, then the account is reviewed by the Adsense team, once accepted, one can devise ads on site for making money.

Nowadays, the approval processes have been changed to provide ease to the new publishers.

The approval process requires the following checklists:

  • Ensuring the website’s compatibility with AdSense.
  • Signing up is a must for an AdSense account.
  • Getting Logged-in AdSense account.
  • Addition of the AdSense code.
  • Waiting for at least 2 weeks for the purpose of final review & approval.

It is important to note that once the code is added to the respective blog, it will be showing blank ads.

Usually, it takes around 48 hours or two days more precisely to review the application. As soon as the application is approved, it will start showing the respective ads on the blogs related.

The process for approval of AdSense account:

  1. Registering for an AdSense account on the website Filling the correct information such as Name, Address, and Website URL.
  2. Login into AdSense account, generate AdSense codes. Then Putting the codes in the blog sidebar.
  3. Unless the Ads are approved they will not be displayed. The process may take up to 2 weeks for the getting the approval.
  4. Once the AdSense approval is done the confirmation email is sent.


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