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Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends in 2018 will be too exciting and there will be a lot of amazing experiences. The Technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, and voice user interfaces have been getting very popular. The web design trends will see a sea change. The Web Design Trend will include seeing clean, simple in designs that are according to the current technologies. Let us understand and check how the websites are going to look like in the year 2018.


Web Design Trends 2018


Hygienic Blueprints

The developers and designers have already started creating hygienic blueprints and layout. The hygienic blueprints help the websites to remain simple so as to ensure the mobile interference to be smooth. Usually, it has been seen and observed that websites having heavy images are too slow to encourage the mobile performance.

Day by day the number of mobile users and searchers are increasing, one can expect this upward trend will continue further as mobile is also a new trend and technology. In the new era of 2018 the features like augmented reality, interactive animations, Chatbots and much more. One does not require a website with distracting images and graphics or fancy interfaces to involve and engage the users.


Choosing the Font and Formatting

In 2018 the website blueprints and layouts will be clean and simple. At the same time, the designers and developers will show their creativity and talent on fonts and formatting. The typography and text-based designs help in communicating messages to users and offers them the ease of Mobile interference. One can expect the use of bold headers and placement of the text links in place of buttons.


The Use of Technology

The usage of the technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the technology which works on the principle of connecting devices to the internet. IoT includes the smart light bulbs. In the coming era, Websites will be using IoT technology in order to be competitive and updated with new trends.

The IoT interfaces on and with the websites and allows connecting and interacting with smart devices. In order to have a smarter website, there has to be complex backend support. And a professional web developer is someone who helps in connecting and creating an interface that’s not complex to use.


Simulated or Virtual Reality Video

There was a time when the website developers and designers used to be afraid of putting the videos. But with the revolution brought by YouTube and other Social Media Sites, the fear and reluctance have faded away. There has been a tremendous increase in the publication of videos on websites. More or less each and every website now uses the introduction in the form of video nowadays. The videos provide us with the opportunity to the faces behind the products and services that we are going to use day in and day out.

There has been an increase in the apps and services freely available to assist in the easy creation of videos. The videos will get a newer and crucial face on Websites in 2018. The places which used to look like science fiction not long ago. It will be a paradigm shift in360 modeling, video mapping, 360 videos and other interactive videos. Although using these videos seems to be a costly and time-consuming affair. In reality, it is not so and there are apps already available wherein on can create simulated or virtual reality videos easily.


Restrained and subtitle Animations

With the advances in technology, the latest browsers have got smart too and now they can animations in a better way in comparison to the past. In earlier days the Animations were used to be treated as flashy and distracting. But it will not be the same case in 2018 and further. The new era will be ushered of useful and subtle animations. The trends show that scroll-triggered animations and animated logos will be prominent in future. The designers and developers keep creating the subtle diminish so that they can allocate more content. It can also be treated as the artwork of typography in future.



With the changing trends, it has been observed that we have started communicating more with bots. There was a time when we used to talk to our mobile service providers and now we talk more about bots. In the initial phase, the interaction with bots was difficult to solve problems, but with the passage of time, the bots have become smarter than before with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Facebook also uses the same interference and we know that Facebook understands us very well. Facebook even know how do we look and behave and ask us to tag in a photo. It studies our location data and our reading habits, so it understands precisely which ads, information, and events to show us so that we click “like” button.

As per trend, it is predicted that soon, there will be continuous web interactions. The website will already be aware of what our customers are looking for by just analyzing the past interactions.


Voice User Search and Interface

Sometimes a voice user interface is understood as ordinary language processing. In simple words, it suggests having human interaction with the computer through speech. The examples include Siri, Alexan, and Cortana. This system used to recognize just the digits from a single voice and we have come a long way in making it smarter. Now this Voice user interfaces are able to understand and act even on the complex voice commands. Using the combination of machine learning, the interfaces even can predict the requirements and needs even the command is given.


Unified and Seamless Interactions

In 2018, the unified and seamless interactions will be the central idea. Using the Chatbots and voice user interfaces will allow the users to interact with the website without clicking or waiting for the page to reload. For example, the websites provide a platform to its users to provide their reviews in stars in place of form submission.



The malicious hacking, data breach, and malware attacks are some of the biggest fears and every time you search news websites these are common news. We keep security at the forefront of our thinking and it’s at the center stage when it comes to web designing and developmentGoogle keep on advising about the malicious website. One has to be doubly sure to consider the security of customer’s information. One has to make sure that the security certificate is updated on all pages. Users love to share the information and download the content only from the trusted websites.


Venturing into Taking Risks and Reaping Rewards

One has to provide the platform to create rich web experiences. In other words, using the new technologies and introducing the same to the clients. Although, it is like venturing into taking risks. But the professional and ideal web designing team provides the right tools just a click away. Providing the customers with the experiences of a lifetime will eventually attach your customers to you for the lifetime.


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