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Link Building Rules

It is important to build the links for the success of any online business, but it is also crucial to build the links the right way. Link Building is Off-Page SEO tactic that also helps to bring traffic to the website as it helps in keyword ranking. It is not hidden from anyone that link building is the key to success to get the ranking at Google, but there remains a gray area which links to build and the tactics to build them.


Rules of Link Building


The Right Steps or the Dos:

Defining the Value of the Link: It is important to define and determine the value of a link, its potency, relevancy, authority etc.
Local Standing and Listings: It provides the name, address, contact or phone number etc. which is important especially in service-based and multiple branches business. Preparing a page containing the information about your business and then getting it linked and indexed with Google.
Avoiding the Brand Mentions: It is fatal to mention your brand and company together.
Regaining and Retrieving the Broken Links: It works as a shortcut usually wherein you can regain the broken links and get back to the business.
Help a Reporter Out or in Short HARO: Reporters may contact you for some specific questions or information they need to have an article about via email service. It works as a good PR strategy or digital PR more precisely.
Be Awesome By Sponsoring: It provides you with an opportunity to build the links no matter small or big but there are really helpful.
Asking or just Outreaching: The link building outreach provides low response rate but it helps. There's availability of resources in abundance, and one should always look for the viability of them once.
Create Original Badass Content or in Short the COBC: In the exercise of building links, it is really apt and crucial to have great content and helps in natural link building.


The Wrong Steps or the Don'ts

Requesting for specific Anchor Text from others: It appears nothing less than spam. It is always advisable and advocated that one should not ask for the anchor text.
Trading or Buying or Selling links: It is suicidal as the Google algorithm can penalize your ranking or even block your website, in case, recognizes that the paid links are being used for the better search optimization.
Crawlers are on the lookout for Hidden links.
Publishing Low-quality Contents and Links to the directory.
Comment links having Anchor Link Text.
Abusing the posts of Guests.
Using Automated Tools for creating the links.
Link Bartering or Exchanging.

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