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How to Secure Website | Tips to Secure your Website from Hackers

If you have a simple website, and there is no facility of money transaction on your website, so you can’t be satisfied with the security of your website. You may think that your site has nothing so no one will take interest to hack it or you have enough security facilities to protect it, but every type of websites are compromised all the time.

                             How-to-Secure-Website -Tips-to-Secure-your-Website-from-Hackers

Hacking is a regular process and they are very advanced in programming because every time a virus and malware has come into internet after that a security tool antivirus is launched. So just like hacking protection is also a regular process time to time update is required for the security features.


Keep Software Up to Date

It looks like it a good thing, but is an important thing to keep software up to date keeping all the software up to date is essential for keeping your site safe and secure.

This includes both the server operating system and any other software you may be running on your website. When website security software is not properly sealed (updated and working) then hackers can quickly and easily take action to spoil or abuse it.

If you are using a well-managed hosting solution then are fewer chances of attacks from the hackers and you don't need to worry about the security updates for the operating system because the hosting company will do all these things.


Use Security Plugins

If the So you need to install security plugins for more security. Wordfence, iThemes security, and Sucuri security are some examples of security plugins, updation of everything is done, then you can enhance your website security with the help of plugins, they help your website to prevent against the attempts of hacking.


Beware of SQL Injection Technique


SQL injection means a technique under which an attacker uses a URL parameter to get the access of database or to make changes in the database.

If you leave the parameter of the field to open then it is easy for the outsiders or hackers to put some rogue code into the query and those queries would be used to change the tables, to get a person or private information and delete data from the database.

It is your main duty to protect the information or data from any stranger. You can prevent your database from this attack by always using parameterized queries (provides no room for a hacker to get in) and it is easy to implement.




If you have anything on your website for which users want privacy it's too compulsory to use only HTTPS to provide privacy because as a consumer they already know to always look for the https in front of the website Url when they are going to share any sensitive information (ATM number, credit card number, and bank account details) to a website.

Most of the users know how important this is for security. HTTPs stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. All you need to get SSL certificate it provides the extra level of encryption and makes your website more secure and trustworthy.



Everyone knows the importance of passwords and they are also aware with the use complex passwords this thing looks simple but it is very important because a harder password is good than a hard password.

Generally, a mix of alphabets, numbers, and signs is a good password and it will help to protect the information for a long time. It is the advice from the cyber experts to change your passwords time to time.


Protection from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject some corrupted JavaScript into your pages, after that it runs in the browsers of the users and it is very powerful it can change the content of the web-page and it can also collect private information and send it back to the attacker or hacker.

The main thing is here to ensure that users (especially attacker) will not able to inject active JavaScript into your pages. You can use some front-end frameworks like Ember and Angular because this framework provides XSS protections.


Use of Website Security Tools

If you think that you have done enough to protect your website then it is necessary to check or test the security of the website. The best method to test the security of your website properly is the use of some website security tools.

There are many chargeable and free tools to help you in this. Some example of website security tools is Netsparker, Open VAS, and more others.

We Hope that these tips will help you to make your site and important information safe. There are lots of website security providers available in the market, but it not bad to gain some knowledge about the security threats.

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