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How to increase conversion rate - what is the conversion rate

What is the conversion rate?

In a layman’s language, the conversion rate is the number or the percentage of visitors to your website. For instance, if you complete your desired goal of the percentage of visitors to your website, this will be called as the conversion rate of your website.


For example, if an e-commerce site receives 100 visitors in a month and has 50 sales, the conversion rate would be 50 divided by 100.

Why Conversion Rate Is Important?

You can measure your own performance of your webpages and other apps (if you have any). Understanding the percentages of your users are completing the goals that drive your business allows you to gauge the success of your site or app and identify areas for improvement.

Improving your conversion rate additionally permits you to urge additional sales with an identical quantity of traffic. If you are spending Rs1000 a month on advertising so that you get 500 visitors to your site. You can then trim on your ad pay and obtain identical profit as you were obtaining before, or invest the additional revenue into new ad programs.

A high conversion rate is indicative of productive selling and net design. It suggests that individuals wish what you are providing, and they are simply able to get it!

What's a good conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary widely by trade and business model. To get a fast sense of wherever you stand, enter your conversion rate and trade into the benchmarking tool below and verify if your conversion rate is higher or lower than average.

Optimize your site for conversions

Once you are positive that your supply is true for your audience, you can make incremental improvements to your conversion rate by optimizing your site. Always be detrimental that your headline clearly communicates your price proposition.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

The process of distinguishing conversion goals, calculative their conversion rates, and optimizing your site or app to improve conversion rates is known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. CRO is finished by formulating hypotheses for why guests aren’t changing and developing with concepts for up conversions.

Raising your conversion rate implies that a lot of your web site traffic converts to pregnant actions that grow your business, whether or not which means filling out a type to become a lead or creating a buying deal. A low conversion rate may purpose to either of those problems:

1.         Your web site and landing page style are creating it tough or inefficient to finish tasks.

2.         Your supply is off base (not valuable enough to your audience).

3.         The absolute best thanks to improving your conversion rate are to vary your supply. If what you're offering is truly irresistible, more people who visit your site will want to get it.

By regularly distinctive new conversion goals, distinctive areas wherever your conversion rate will be improved and implementing tests of recent options, you'll incessantly improve the performance of your web site or app.

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