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How to Gain Twitter Followers with Hashtags

Twitter is the biggest platform for promoting your brands, through the blog or your contents, the rest of the platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Twitter Followers has more than three hundred twenty-eight million users per month and also more than five hundred million tweets per day; in case you are not on twitter then you are losing the biggest opportunity.

Being on Twitter is one thing and being followed is the other as you need to have followers on Twitter to get noticed.

The 7 Best Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

  1. Start Following the other Twitter Account Holders

It is all starts with barter and reciprocity on Twitter. In case you wish to have more followers on Twitter you need to follow more Twitter Account Holders. It is not following all Tom-Dick and harry.

  1. Find out the People who Like your content on Twitter and Start following them:- you can find out under the notification tab of your Twitter page and find out the twitter account holders who Tweeted, Retweeted, liked and mentioned you in their tweets.
  2. Find out and start following the followers of your own followers: - it sounds to be a sound reason following the followers of your own followers. Anyone who follows you must be having some common interest that you do have, and their followers might also have that interest.
  3. Make an Account on Followerwonk:- it is one of the best tools which helps you to have more followers following you on twitter. It provides you with an opportunity to search Twitter bios which allows you to connect the people as per your interest. Comparing the Twitter accounts so as to find out the connections and take the impart a different influencers. It also compares and matches your activities with the followers. Eventually, you can decide on to follow and un-follow Twitter Accounts.
  4. Utilizing the Advanced Search features of the Twitter:- the Advanced Search Feature of allows you to find out the users having a common interest like you, start following them and retweet them, and keep waiting for them to follow you.
  5. Utilize Twitter's option ‘Who To Follow’: - you can use the option on Twitter ‘Who To Follow’. It shows you with the list in the sidebar to follow on your Twitter Page.
  6. Optimizing your Email Contacts on Twitter
  7. Participating in the Follow Friday


  1. Retweeting on the Tweets: - it is one of the best ways of curating content and is a time-tested way to increase your access and generating new followership. You can generate the best of the results and outcomes by retweeting the appreciated content from most of the key influencers.


  1. When you Tweet and Retweet Mention People:-Mentioning name of the people in your Tweets and Retweets by including @ sigh before the username. The more you mention the name of the people, the more engagements it will be generating for you as it catches the attention of the person. In case you are mentioning in someone else’s blog, it is always advised to mention the name or the writer such as “Nice write-up @ username.


  1. Augmenting Twitter profile: - the Twitter users see the profile when they decide upon to follow or not to follow. The profile contains information about you and it is an opportunity to mention information that you wish to tell them. The better the description of your profile, the better the chances of having more followers.

A nicely and intellectually written Twitter Profile helps in the following ways: -

  • Inform the other users how you can be a help to them
  • Describe your achievements, in brief, i.e. blowing you're own triumphant
  • Strike a witty and hilarious personal note


  1. Variety of Content: -the more variety of content you post on Twitter, the more will be your followers. It is the best strategy for snowballing the followers on Twitter, for increasing the number of followers you can adopt the following: -
  1. Type and Variety of content
  2. Pictures and Images
  3. Inspiring and Motivational quotes
  4. Mixing up and variety of content


  1. Putting the Hashtags:-Hashtags work as a search optimizer, hashtags help in searching your tweets. Eventually, they help in increasing the reach and visibility of your twitter posts. But it is also important not to expose your posts with undue and not required hashtags:

Use Hastagify: - it helps you in finding out the hostages with regards to your term, word, terminology or the slogans of your posts.


  1. Provide a follow button On Your Blog: - it is always beneficial to add a twitter follow button on your blog or every page of your blog.


You can also install the StarBox WordPress as a plugin and provide a comment option or Author Box at the bottom of the post.


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