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Digital Marketing tools you can't live without

If you want to reach and achieve your marketing goals in 2019, you need to start the best. There is a list of must-have Digital Marketing Tools which you cannot live without as per the latest trend. It helps in simplifying and enhance your work life, at each and every step. It may start from Google Analytics to Mention and Cityscape; let’s find out which one suits your needs.

  1. Google Analytics: it is all about Knowing Your Audience

It is usually seen that most of the new clients intending to explore digital marketing for the very first time, do not understand when and where to start especially in deciding the utilization of the data.  There are many ways for customers to interrelate with brands in the modern era — No matter it is in-store to tablets to smartwatches — it is a challenging task to complete picture of choices of your audience. Still understanding and knowing the audience pays in the way of making the right marketing moves. Google Analytics provides a fair understanding of the audience. The Digital Marketing Agencies use the following three functions:

  1. Bounce Rate: it is measured in terms of a number of visitors that visit the site and after mere viewing one page they leave without completing an action. Although many businesses try to make small adjustments so that the bounce rates can be lowered, in case the bounce rate is significantly higher as high as 40%, it signifies one needs to work on the website as there is something wrong which is not able to control customers. Usually, it is common sense that will provide you with the answers, or some other hint to rectify the situation.

  1. Conversion Rate: it is straightforward feedback. It shows the number of visitors performing the specific action on the page that ultimately converts into the lead. The conversion rate helps in understanding the effectiveness of each of your pages and converting into the action.

  1. Channels: Understating the source or the platform of visitors coming from? Understanding is it organic or engaging efforts or Referral? Or Paid? It provides a fair understanding of your business and marketing efforts. If you are getting an increase in organic search, it can be due to SEO efforts. The classification and breakdown of channels basically provide businesses understand and see which marketing efforts are bringing in the most eyeballs and conversion to your site.

  1. MailChimp: Powering Up Email Campaigns

MailChimp helps in making crafting newsletters a fun activity — the designers love this. It is one of the best and fantastic email marketing tool and helps you create, direct, and monitor HTML email campaigns with an easy-to-use the process of the drag-and-drop user interface.

From the perspective of an SEO, the powerful reporting features and it originates with integrations that provide its functionality that extra bit of oomph: Facebook, Magento, WordPress, Twitter, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Shopify — just to remark a few. This way, the valuable information can be collected about the audience and learn the way to craft amazing content that increases the opening rates in the future and ultimately aids boosting page conversions. Since the email is still the mainstay and driving force behind any e-commerce purchases, one need to definitely up the game to convert and make every email count.

  1. Canva: Best friend of an Editorial Team

Canva for Work has been considered to be a great tool for any SEO, editorial, or social teams. When it comes to working with clients, it is vital and important that the designs used for the purpose of social shares are in line with visual canons and not ours. It does not require any design training. It helps in saving the time and provides the flexibility and makes it fun to work with.

  1. Mention: It is food to talk around

Mention is nothing but a media monitoring and tracking tool that aids in the process of monitoring virtually all the mentions about the brand name online. Mention also provides to stay updated and informed on relevant topical discussions in particular industry through the tracking of keywords and provides a platform to enter the online discussion in real-time and generate and build brand awareness to the relevant audiences group.

  1. SEMrush: Do You Want to Be Found?

SEMrush is software available online that most of the digital marketers and online businesses utilize to collect appreciated information about the online presence. It is used to analyze traffic and keywords statistics plus some research keywords. SEMrush helps in observing the success of online marketing efforts at the same time it also tracks competitors.

  1. Copyscape: Because You Don’t Want to Get Kicked Off Google

It does not matter what is your profession, plagiarism is always avoided. From an SEO perspective, this is a very crucial matter. The google may deindex your page. The same will not be visible in search engines and the only way will remain to access the page is through a direct link to the URL.

  1. Grammarly: Double Checking Every Word which is Written

Grammarly helps in making a better writer by finding and helping in correcting mistakes in comparison to the good old word processor. One just needs to copy, paste, and fix the errors. This is a hot favorite for content writers and social media specialists.

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