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Best Ways to Improve LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very effective professional networking tool, although it is not at the easy proposition to differentiate your profile from the other half a billion users who are having their profile on LinkedIn.
There are few very effective changes and corrections which can be made to have a sea improvement in the effectiveness of your profile. It does not require more than a few minutes to improve your LinkedIn Profile and to upgrade it to the next level.

Time Tested quick ways to improve your LinkedIn Profile:

best ways to improve linkedin profile

Making Public Profile

It is very important to check the setting and making your profile which is publically visible. This very simple step will help in showing up your profile to others for searches and you will be spotted easily by the recruiters.

Allowing and Updating the Location

It assists the person and improves the accuracy to be found in the searches by the Recruiters. It also helps the people in your extended network group about your location and city—so that offline networking and meetups can be arranged as per the city and locations.

Being Strategic About Recognized and Endorsed Skills Sets

You may have generated and got the endorsements for a battery of Recognized skills set that differentiates you from other profiles of similar natures E.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Docs etc. The skills sets can be highlighted in the form of keywords and help your profile to be searchable, and also helps you strengthen your profile. Therefore, it is important to check your profile and do the followings:

  • Removing the Meaningless Skills
  • Enlisting the skills that prove to be key factors for particular industry and roles.
  • Ordering and reordering your skills so that the important ones feature on the top.

Creating a Personalized URL

Creating a personalized URL helps in making it easier to send and invite people to profile.

Creating the Background

It helps in showcasing your creativity and highlighting the profile and brand. The background should be able to make out and associate with your profession such as photographer depicts Camera and tech refers to computer etc.

Updating Profile Picture Periodically

As per LinkedIn, profiles having the headshots are more likely to be viewed and help to impress than profiles having no picture. The headshot needs to be clear, gives a professional outlook and should not have others than you.

Providing your Contact Information such as Email ID and Mobile No.

Providing your contact information such as Email ID, Mobile No. (if it makes you be comfortable), address of your website makes a huge difference to the prospective recruiters can contact you.

Improving Headline of your Profile

Having the Headline of your Profile is an opportunity to provide your brief introduction to the prospective employers and clients.

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