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JavaScript Window Onload

This article explains the purpose of the window.onload method in JavaScript by an example. The window.onload function executes to perform a task once the page on the browser finishes loading.

window.onload Functionality Usage With Example in HTML

The window.onload method is triggered when the page is entirely loaded on the browser (as well as all images, style, scripts, and CDN). Here you can see an example of HTML page source code that uses the window.onload method for auto-execution to display an alert box.

<title>(Window.onload function in HTML)</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

function code(){
alert(" Alert inside code function Window.onload");



<h1> Graphic Designer Firm </h1>
    <p1> A craft of creating visual content to communicate messages.</p1>
</br> <img src = "Graphic-Design.png" height="500px" width="500px" >

</br> <hr width="800">

In the above HTML page source, you can see the <script type="text/javascript"> tag that uses JavaScript in doctype html. In the next step function code() is declared inside of the <script> tag.


The function code() is called window.onload. It displays a default alert dialogue when a web page loads completely with images and text content.


Examine the Given HTML Code in Few Steps

Follow these four easy steps and get a clear understanding of the window.onload method.

Alternative Way to See the Same Results

You can achieve the alert message results by using an alternative onload event via a body tag. Here is an example of a body tag that uses auto-execution to call a function code containing an alert box:

<script type="text/javascript">

function code(){
alert(" Alert inside code function");

<body onLoad="code()";>

In both examples, onLoad of body tag and window.onload have the same functionality to execute the statements after completing page load.

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