Features of C Language

Features of C Language

1. Portable

The high Level languages are designing to keep in mind the features of portabilityPortable languages are Machine independent.These languages are not tied with any hardware. So we can say it is hardware independent or platform independent

2. Extensible

in c language features The C language is Extensible. Because it can adopt easily new features we can also add new libraries in c Language

3. Pointer

C is the Very powerful language and Real Power of C lies in pointers using pointers Accessing dynamically allocated memory and using pointer and we can directly interact with memory using pointers implementing Data structure like linked lists,trees and graphs

4. Faster

c is faster then other languages because of C has less in build functions its more closed with hardware

5.Memory Management

C support DMA(Dynamic memory allocation) we should able to allocate and de-allocate memory at run time. The process of allocation memory at the time of execution is called Dynamic memory allocation<

6.Rich Library

C support number of libraries functions to build application fast

7.Structure Language

also in c language features includes C is a structure language because it support modular approach . its better to divide a large system into modules. in term of programming module is logically well-defined part of program .there are two types of structure follow in c.