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Why SSL is Important to Secure a Website

Nowadays it is quite communal to hear the incidents of Ransomware, identity theft, account passwords thefts or hacking, installing of the virus and other malware attacks from the internet or the other web sources.



They are said to be the breaches in the security system and somehow have got to have many common vectors, such as social networks and social engineering. It is the process of plotting or trapping someone into clicking the links that one is not supposed to click and on the opening of the applications or the files of those links which are originated from dubious and doubtful sources.

Sometimes the website which looks to be legitimate or the same but sometimes not easy to be neglected by anyone. In case, one knows what SSL is, and if one thinks for the same, one can always be able to recall the green padlock icon or the green line usually seen on websites of the banks for the online banking and it is shown with the name of the bank.

The SSL can save from being the victim of any such attacks which are nefarious or maybe Ransomware attacks and hacks. A layman can also understand what SSL is all about and the significance and importance of the same in day to day online operations.


SSL-SecurityDefining SSL and the Way how it Safeguards

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the encrypted link between two corners or the points for establishment o the web by the standard implementation. E.g. A computer system and server on the web or internet.

The Transport Layer Security or in other words Secure Sockets Layer or TLS/SSL or the best way to comprehend and understand it SSL.

SSL also forms the basis for the Secure HTTP or HTTPS — it is nothing but the transportation of a website through the protocol of hypertext transfer that passes through a secure and encrypted connection.


Getting too technical to understand?

Let’s make it raw and simple to understand further if a businessman wants to go for opening an account with one of the localized banks. The businessman, first of all, will go up to the teller, but in case the teller denies to open an account for the businessman since the teller does not know the businessman and the account are going to be the basis for all transactions in future.

For proving the identity one has the identification proofs such aspassport, Pan Card, Ration Card, Aadhar Card or the Voter ID having personal details, biometrics, etc.

The identification documents provide and serve as one of the document that authenticates your identity. However, the document in itself does nothing exceptional except identifies one’s identity. But the same can’t be used for the purpose of withdrawing the amount or the money from the Bank.

The document having one’s details provides the identity as it is issued by the authorities of the state and the same is used to open the account in the bank and ATM or Debit card can be availed for the purpose of money withdrawal from the bank.

In the same the SSL works. On accesses sing a secure website, the client has to be authenticated and identified by the web server through the SSL Certificate. The website cannot be broadcasted simply as Bank of England etc. it is supposed to be a trusted website once the trusted certificate has established and provided the identity.

In other words it can be said to be an SSL Handshake process, which is also known as two ways communication for the purpose of establishing the connection and identifying before the web browser gains information.


Too Simple then why a Cheap Provider Certificate is not Reliable

All SSL certificate providers and the certificates made are not reliable. There are enterprise-grade or the certificates which are costing in thousand USD, on the contrast some of them are free too practically speaking such as Lets Encrypt.

The correlation here is that the passport being proof, an indication of one’s citizenship and secure identity of a person. The passport works as a reliable and trustworthy document to support and establish the identity and citizenship of a person.

It is considered to be valid by the security agencies of other countries of travel. Still, all passports are not same. There are passports which are powerful as compared to the others.

Since a diplomatic passport holder can visit many countries or nations without requiring the Visa. On the other hand, a civilian passport holder needs to provide other secure documents such as Visa or other traveling documents before the permission to access and visit the country is granted.

In the same way, the SSL Certificate also provides with the exclusivity. The SSL site certificate remains visible and is displayed on all the browsers before the name of the website. It is said to be the top most of the certificate whereas most of the lower grade certificate just display “Secure” icon, but does not display the name of the certificate owner.


Why all websites do not require the security as strong as the Security as bank website

All businesses do not require the security E.g. for a small business like blog website it is always appreciated to have security but it is not going to ruin the deals, whereas in case an e-commerce or online shopping website or maybe a financial organization, the security is very crucial and of utmost importance.

However, the clients and users are bound to fill in and provide their details like addresses, email id, mobile no. etc. and the website is bound to have a solid security system like SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are of different grades, and they are subject to the assessments by platforms such as For example, an organization popularly known as Next Web boosts of A+ certificate.

There are ways of establishing a Grade A+ certificate. It can either be done without spending much of money is by adopting the website or app with an infrastructure through content delivery or the content delivery network that also enjoys and boosts of Grade A+ certificate, in this way your own website will inherit from the developers or designers own SSL certificate grade.

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