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Which is Best for Business Google AdWords or Facebook Ads

Nowadays, Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are the available best media option for your company. However, the selection of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising depends on the marketing budget as well as the goal of the company. Both these factors are an important one for choosing among Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. So, it is important to know the paid media strategy of Google and Facebook AdWord. How these paid strategies can target towards the potential customer and market.

You will find many discussions on Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. All the companies want a continuous growth and constant one. Therefore, in paid media space it is the hottest discussion for selecting the one among these two.

If you go to research of Forbes, you will see that there were 50% increases in active advertisers as it reached to 3 million in the year 2015-16. The Facebook advertising is recording tremendous growth due to its good targeting capabilities and growing rate of engaged users.

However, on the other hand, Google observes a 17% rise in revenues every year. The growth in revenues is dedicated to the growth of shopping and mobile.

These two companies are rivalries for a very long time. These two are in direct competition. This leads to difficulty in making the decision for selecting the right platform for completion need and requirement of the company. Therefore, to avoid any kind of confusion in the discipline of online advertising, one has to consider many factors.

Whenever you have to choose the one advertising channel over the other one, then the question is how to select the best one. For this reason, you can consider various factors for selecting the best advertising channel for your company. Many businesses are considering the option of advertising on Google and Facebook to enhance their visibility, finding new clients, increasing sales and opting new strategies for having an optimum return on the money spent on advertising.


Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are two famous platforms for the purpose of advertising. Both the options are gaining importance in the digital marketing as part of their marketing strategies.

What is difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising

Before, you go further, it is important for you to understand their strengths as well as features. Along with these attributes, learning of the difference in two ads is also crucial.


Facebook Ads: Paid Social


In the category of Paid Social, Facebook Ads is the best example. As the numbers of users are increasing on Facebook day by day, Facebook is becoming an element for digital advertising strategies. However, the advertising on Facebook is same as AdWords for promoting the business on the platform of internet. Paid Social helps in targeting the customers on the basis of their interest, and behavior on the internet.


Google AdWords: Paid Search


Google Adwords is famous for PPC advertising. It is the most popular one for the promotion of product on the internet. It is just like paid search. These kinds of searches depend on target of keywords as well as the use of text in advertising. The advertisers bid on the keywords used in AdWords


The only difference in between these two is Facebook will aid the customers in finding you. Whereas, in the case of AdWords, it will aid you in finding the new clients.

Advantages and Strengths of Google AdWords

As you all know that the Google is the most popular search engine and also a leading factor in the world of online advertising. With more than 3.5 billion searches every day, it offers a wider platform for advertising and reaching to potential customers. Such customers who are actively engaged in searching for goods and services are good targets via Google AdWords.

There are two primary networks in Google advertising. These are Display Network and Search Network. In Display Network of Google, advertisers focus more on visual advertisements. Advertisers demand more visual ads for fulfilling their goal such as increasing brand awareness.

Whereas, in the case of Search Network, its focus on keywords as well as phrases. These focus on keywords is for the target customers.

One of the greatest advantages of Google is its wider reach to a large number of audience. You are amazed to know about the numbers of search as queries it has every second. It is around 40,000 per second. This search engine is adopting new technology of artificial intelligence. Being a part of the latest machine learning technology, the reach for newer clients is great.


Advantages and Strengths of Facebook Ads

It is a newcomer in the era of Digital Marketing. Facebook is continuously working on improving their solution for advertisement. It is becoming an integral part of digital marketing strategies of every company. Boosting a global audience, its strength is found in potential granularity. Through these features, they are targeting users on Facebook.

Users on Facebook share every happy moment of their life. Apart from this, they are also sharing their interests, beliefs, values, ideologies etc. Now, the advertisers use the application of Lookalike audience. It is an easy way to get little more close to the customer. The ads on Facebook are visually more powerful. The blending of videos, visual content with images enables them to leverage good qualities of visual Ads. It makes the ad more inspirational and gives an aspirational message.

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