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What things to avoid while Promoting a Blog

Some people treat Blogging as fishing and keep doing it every time they post a blog, still not able to catch any of the audience or the readers. In contrast, few of the Bloggers fetch the attraction of the crowd so easily. It is not luck always; in fact, it is the several basics which are usually ignored by most of the Bloggers. There are many wrong activities that kill a blog post which may be categorized as follows:-

  1. Trying to make catchy headlines but which may lead to confusion:- the headline itself is going to appear everywhere at the top of the post. And it may work as google optimizer as well and offer search page results on search engines.

The sheer objective of any headline is to invite and attract more and more readers to your post. It cannot happen in case the headline itself it confusing and mislead the reader.

The Headlines so are written should be unique, specific and as per the content of the Blog.


  1. Linking and correlating to the previous posts:- Try to link and correlate to the older or the previous blog posts. It helps in increasing the traffic to the older posts as well along with the newer and provides it another life cycle. Moreover, it helps in proving your point, the keywords used helps in ranking it higher, and Google also looks through the site.

Let the world know about your previous posts as well and prove it to be an asset.


  1. Providing Links to the blogger colleagues:-the linking value is much better than non-linking blogs. It helps in involving others in conversation with you. Once you link others you get into the discussion with regards to the topic of the Blog. Not only it allows to exchange and barter ideas but also enhances your opportunity of learning newer things, at the same time create relationships and contacts.


  1. Giving due Credit where ever it is deserved:- in case you draw some idea with the help of someone else, it should be given due credit to that blogger. It is one of the mannerisms of web etiquettes.


  1. Not mentioning the title of the page and Description:- the chances of ranking your blog posts are based on the title of the page and description of the post. This helps the search engines reaching up to your site.In case the keywords are utilized properly, it updates the Google spiders about the same. The page titles and descriptions are supposed to be social friendly.


  1. Formingawkward URLs:- you can have the best of the domain name or the worst of the domain. But putting or forming awkward URLs will be suicidal as the search engines and people are not able to appreciate the same.


  1. Stealing and Imitating the fellow bloggers:- the consistent content always work as a key element for the success of any blog. But the same repetition or copying or imitating the fellow bloggers works as an attempt to suicide for the blog. The creativity is required but not at the cost of stealing the blogging idea from fellow bloggers.


  1. No consistency in posting the Blogs at certain intervals:- it may so happen that you are busy in some or the other work, but at the same time, the consistency of posting of the blogs is necessary to be followed at certain intervals. The more you post the more chances of gaining the attention of the readers but lesser you post will also lead you to fewer readers. It is better not to post in case you are not able to post at least one post per month.

Apart from this Google also keep on visiting your website and if it does not find newer contents on regular basis, you will be backed off and you will be ranked low for a very long time.


  1. Using the bigger blocks and chunks of contents:- it is always suggested to write shorter paragraphs, and short sentences as it facilitates mobile viewing or reading easy.


  1. The existence of social media:- in the initial stages it was just blogging which made you popular but nowadays the social media platforms or site are equally important. They have changed everything. You have to have your presence on them and made it be felt by your readers.



  1. Not providing the viewers or readers option to comments:-In case the post is not providing an opportunity to the viewers or the readers to comment, it is like untrusted or abandoned property. It requires a lot of courage to invite the readers to comment on your blog. It is also advised that at the end of the blog it should be followed by a question.

At the last in case you are able to get compliments as comments, it works as an evidence of your good work. The more comments any posts get it is better.


  1. Writing topics which nobody finds interesting:-Incase the topic is awkward or not interest generating for anyone then your post will not be able to generate the audience.

It is also the same incase you are writing about some topic which is already been taken by some other blogger.


Blogging is not an easy job it requires a lot of hard work and it requires alot of commitments the same way the job, family, or there may be more other reasons which can surpass your blog.


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