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What is Affiliate Marketing- How Does it Work

What does Affiliate Marketing stand for?



The internet bloggers or the people connected with the Internet Income, always wish to talk about the term "Affiliate Marketing". The so-called Bloggers or the internet marketers, who have been working into the field of online marketing for a longer period, are found to be quite acquainted with the term Affiliate Marketing, and they always classify it as the most lucrative and promising way to earn money online.

This following article will talk about and will share the nitty-gritty of Affiliate Marketing and provide the reader with all the details that one needs to learn for understanding the fashion how does Affiliate Marketing work.

Understanding the Term Affiliate Marketing:

It is one of the oldest forms of marketing, Affiliate Marketing functions on the basis of referring others about the online products and in case, the products are sold on your recommendations you get a commission thereof.

Now the question arises how do the companies track and calculate the record about the recommendations and sales generation. So the answer is by tracking URL Link (it is a unique link provided to you, by Affiliate Company).

The URL is subjected to be tracked for the traffic generation and sales thereof, it can be on your website or other promotional techniques used. Although, not the best way to calculate still, there are plenty of old-fashioned Affiliate programs, that allows the buyer to put the email or referral link or code details so as to calculate the affiliate sales.

The Characteristics or the Features for a Good Affiliate Program

There are numerous online companies who are engaged in selling the products like shoes, web-hosting spaces, or some other service and tend to use an affiliate program. One can sign up for their program and generate a unique tracking link. On writing about the product, the URL is used to track affiliate link and recommend the site.

If the Readers Buy Products and Services, you get Commission: In case the visitor uses URL provided to you and end up buying the products or services within 60 days, you get the sales commission.

Commonly Used Terms

  • Affiliates: The users or the publishers using affiliate program links to promote and assist sales.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: Like Shareasale, CJ, Clickbank.
  • Affiliate Software: The Software for using the Affiliate Program for their product.
  • Affiliate link: Special tracking link or URL.
  • Affiliate ID: Like Affiliate Link, a unique ID.
  • Payment Mode.
  • Affiliate Manager/OPM: For giving the optimization tips.
  • Commission Percentage/Amount.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the finest ways of making money through an affiliate program. Even referring others to join Affiliate programs, the commission is being paid. In short, it can be called MLM or multi-level marketing.
  • Landing pages:  It is a unique product demo or sales page.
  • Custom Affiliate Income/Account: The Specific Affiliate Account Income Page.
  • Link Clocking: It works as URL softeners, Thirsty Affiliates etc.
  • Custom Coupons:  Custom Discount Coupons.


Frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing:

1. Is it Harmful Or Illegal?

   Not at all, it is neither harmful nor illegal.

2. Can it be used with AdSense?

    Yes, they can be used together and do not violate any Adsense TOS.

3. How Do I Find An Affiliate Link For Any Product?

    One can check the respective website of the company for related information.

4. How to Find New Products for Promotion?

    Affiliate Marketplaces are the place to start affiliate marketing research.

5. How to choose the right Affiliate Product for Promotion?

    Alternatively, by observing the blogs in the respective niche and working out the methods.

6. Is it required to have Blogged for Affiliate Promotion?

   Not necessarily, but it helps.

7. How Costly is it to Join An Affiliate Program?

   For Joining, there is no charge, however, the total cost varies what promotion technique is adopted.

8. Qualifications For An Affiliate Marketer?

    Literally, no Qualification needed, although it requires good Copywriting skills and marketing skills.

9. Availability of Automatic Programs to convert links into Affiliate Links?

    Yes, like Viglink and Skimlinks for the purpose.

10. Level of Income Affiliate Marketing?

      There is no limit to the amount of money.


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