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What are the New Trends for website design in SEO

You have to be updated and stay current as per the Web Design trends else the day will come when you will be out of trend. Every now and then the changes keep coming and you have to be adaptive for maintaining and consolidating the popularity with visuals, in terms of algorithm updates, and keep updating the best practices time to time. Best SEO company in Delhi NCR

The websites which are sleek and modern at present can get obsolete and outdated in a few weeks or months. Therefore, it is important to make pace with the dynamic environment and trend of the industry.

As per the Experts of the Industry, 2019 will be the year of delivering on user experience: the speed and mobile design will be given more priorities, eye-catching yet simple designs, asymmetrical layouts, background, and immersive video etc. Let’s discuss them in details: -

  1. Speed

The visitors/ potential customer nowadays does not give more than 3 seconds (as per date on records) to you to impress upon.

Humans have become the flighty and impatient species on this earth. The internet works as an alien conspiracy and keeps observing human nature, the observational studies have proven that humans do not like to wait. As per the studies of Akamai and, around 50% of users think and expect that their click on the site should get loaded within 2 seconds or even lesser.

So, no matter the site is the beautiful site, but in case it takes more time to upload due to heavy data design then, it is bound to lose revenue. The worse came when Google in July 2018, started to prioritize rankings for the sites on the basis of their speed, and it is also possible that other search engines will follow the suit.

  1. Flat Design

In the year 2017, most of the designers and developers started developing and creating clean and simple websites to offer better mobile performance. Since then, the frequency and usage of the mobile searches have scaled ever-upward, and mobile-first design has become the integral and necessary part of the website development.

It is important to have Clean, minimalist designs, or flat designs, which load quickly, swiftly and at the same time trendy and desirable too. First, no matter the visitors are browsing through mobile devices or desktop, the website should be quick-loading. Secondly, they are likely to have more SEO value. Flat design boosts and helps the site and fulfills the speed requirements.

  1. Mobile First

Speed isn’t the only criteria and ruler that Google has adopted to rank and measure websites by. In the year 2015, the Mobile user's numbers scaled like anything and overtaken the desktop searches overall, and made the mobile searches as the uppermost search form worldwide. As per Google algorithm, the sites which are index first should be prioritizing mobile sites over sites which are not having mobile-friendly features.

  1. Broken Grid/Asymmetrical Layouts

In 2019, it will be the innovation and out of the box thinking year. Broken grid and asymmetrical designs are going to change the web design industry in a big way. Large reliant of designers encouraging for the fresh, prominent look of broken layouts.

  1. Shapes

In case you think that the shapes refer to simple, Euclidean geometric shapes which we have learned none other than our middle schools like triangles, hexagons, and circles, you got it right and you are intelligent.

Shapes help in bridging the difference between flat and broken grid, and also help in integrating the design. The usage of bright colors with simple geometrical shapes looks creating and help in engaging. They are dynamic and eye-catching that too, lesser memory consuming design makes them the sought-after choice to make a lighter website.

This adaptability is one of the best parts which made the shapes to be in trend in 2019. The fundamental math of geometry helps establish symmetry on the website.

  1. Single Page Design

Single page design is also known as pageless design. Single page design refers to a very descriptive title —  or the websites that are based on just one page in place of multiple service pages.

  1. Video Backgrounds

Other than Speed, minimalist, quick-loading, flat design trends, there is another thing which is popular is video backgrounds.

  1. Micro-Animations

Micro-animations are the very influential tools to deliver an instinctive and substantial experience to the user who browses your website, Like changing the color of the button on the movement of cursor movements.

  1. Chatbots/Machine Learning

With the passage of time, the chatbots or Bots are getting quite rampant and dominant across the digital media.

Web Design 2019 Attention-Grabbing Visuals?

There are tempting and alluring visuals on web designs on the other side are many magnificent and beautiful at the same time practical tenets of flat design and single page layouts.

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