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Top 10 Latest PHP framework in 2019

PHP or popular as hypertext preprocessor is nothing but an open-source server-side scripting language. The reason for the popularity is around 80% Websites use the PHP as on data till the Month of Oct. 2018. But it is a challenging task to anticipate the right PHP framework.

The Very Significance of the PHP framework?

It is important to understand the very significance of the PHP framework, as it provides the elementary structure for restructuring the development of web-basedapps. They are used as they help in making the process of developingswiftly.

Moreover, the responsiveness of any website and the application is better when it is based on PHP frameworks. Therefore, it is for sure that the PHP frameworks will be getting more focus and the popularity will get consolidated in 2019.

Top 10 Latest PHP Frameworks in 2019

On the basis of Acceptance, Popularity and the Ability to Facilitate Application Development the following are going to be top 10 latest PHP Frameworks are going in 2019.

  1. Laravel

Laravel got popularity very soon after it got introduced in 2011, because of many reasons like it was free, open-source PHP framework available in the digital world. It was able to tackle and handle complex web applications that too with security, at a reasonably faster speed compared to other frameworks.

Laravel fulfills the expectations of the modern and updated web world with its speed and security, moreover, it is too expressive at the same time.

  1. CodeIgniter

The best part is its small footprint (just around 2 MB in size, including even the documentation). CodeIgniter is a PHP framework having high affinity and suitable for developing energetic websites. It facilitates and offers many prebuilt modules that assist in constructing robust and recyclable components.

  1. Symfony

The framework was introduced way back in 2005, it is believed to be reliable and better in terms of maturity of the platform. It also provides the extensive PHP MVC frameworkassistance andthe best of the option for the purpose of developing large-scale enterprises. It is one of the user-friendly, easy to install and configure almost all the platforms.

It is one of the flexible and can assimilate with superior projects such as Drupal. Symfony and Laravel are quite common and offer unique features, therefore, it is difficult to compare them and tell better.

  1. CakePHP

It is the toolkit that’s simple and elegant, one does not need to look further, CakePHP is very helpful for the development of visually impressive, full of features websites. Moreover, CakePHP is the easiest frameworks to comprehend and learn, as it is “CRUD” (create, read, update, and delete) framework. CakePHP was introduced in the early 2000s, and since then it has gained better performance and innovated many new components.

  1. Yii

The Yii Framework refers to Yes, it is!infact, it is simple and evolutionary too. It provides high-performance, a component-based PHP framework for emergentcontemporary web applications. Yii is compatible and suitable for all sorts of web apps, and it makes it a universal web programming framework.

  1. Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is popular and widely prevalent because of its complete object-oriented framework, and it practices featuresas interfaces and inheritance ensureitsextendibility. It was developed on the agile methodology and assists to deliver high-quality applications to initiatives. Zend can be customized and bears by PHP best practices.

  1. Phalcon

Phalcon offers a full-stack PHP framework that hires the MVC web style design pattern, Phalcon was developed and was written in C and C++ and was released in the year2012. Later it was delivered as a C-extension, one does not need to learn the C programming language for using the same.

  1. FuelPHP

FuelPHP offers the flexibility of full-stack PHP framework, it was presented first in the year 2011. It supports the MVC design pattern, it has got its own version known as the hierarchical model view controller (HMVC). With HMVC, it offers the distinctive feature of unlike with MVC, content is not required to be duplicated to be shown and displayed on multiple pages. Therefore, it is time-saving and memory saving.

  1. PHPixie

It was unveiled and presented in the digital world in 2012 and almost exactly FuelPHP, PHPixie apparatuses the HMVC design outline. The main purpose was developeda high-performance framework,especiallyfor read-only websites.

  1. Slim

It is also very popular and predominant PHP micro-framework that aidsand supports the developers swiftly create simple at the same time powerful web applications and APIs.

Which PHP framework is right for you?

It is not easy to decide the appropriate Framework for your development process, Each and every framework offers distinct features and strengths over others at the same time depicts various weaknesses.

The discretion and the decision of choosing the best framework depend on numerous factors like security, ease of use, scalability, citations etc. Hope you want to learn more so keep connected to our further Blogs.

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