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Tips to Prevent Website from Negative SEO | How to Secure Website from Negative SEO

Everyone thinks that SEO is very helpful in the ranking of website but this is not the whole story, some wrong steps Of SEO can ruin your website and this type of SEO is known as negative SEO.


Negative SEO is very dangerous and it can damage your Organic Search visibility and revenue. There are some steps available to recover and protect the website against negative SEO.


What is the meaning of Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is the way to use or implement black hat SEO techniques on other’s website.

The SEO attack is performed by a bad or jealous competitor on his rival’s website with the reason to reduce his or her website’s rankings.

Most SEO Service providers do their work according to the rule and regulations but all are not same they do some wrong things.

They might try to negatively affect your website with the spammy links, and with the flood of bad comments with fake reviews.


Some of Negative SEO Techniques are

1. Spammy Backlinks

2. Links from Foriegn Languages Websites

3. Doorway Pages

4. Duplicate Content

5. Fake Reviews

6. Link Farms


If you are a victim or you do not want to be a victim, you have to take some appropriate steps to prevent your website from negative SEO.

Your SEO Strategies can also Damage your Website

If you are taking the services of any SEO service provides, then you can’t take relief from this, here your duty is to check what kind of actions they are taking you have to check all the process.

When you buy link building packages from them then they will provide you a bunch of directory listings.

You have to check that they are using the same links to improve the rankings of multiple websites also, Google rejects this kind of links.

You have to stay away from this kind of techniques and SEO experts.


Regular Checking of the Links

Regular checking of the links is very good techniques for every website, it can help to prevent or recover your website from negative SEO attack.

Checking of links is the best technique to spot any type of bad activity before it causes any damage or become uncontrollable.

It is not an easy task to check your links for that you can use link auditing software to check link’s health.


Search for Copied Content

When it comes to content creation everyone is not creative no one wants to waste his time in this, for this, many people stole content from other’s website and paste it to their website.

This process is known as scraping and most of the people doing this. Scraping is a serious issue because if the copied content gets indexed before your content then your content or page might be devalued, and it will impact the rank of your website.

To prevent from this you have to use plagiarism checking tools to check if anyone’s copied your content. If someone copied your content then you have the right to ask the webmaster to remove your content.

You can also report them by filing Copyright Removal form of Google.


Monitor Your Social Media Reputation

There is a big number of people who create fake social media accounts in someone’s brand’s name and the use those accounts to propagate false information and negative things about that company.

To prevent your website from this you have to find the solution of this problem during the starting phase before it will take a big form (a large number of followers).

This is not an easy task to manually search for these fake profiles you can use tools to find out is there anyone who is using your name and what is he doing after this.



Google is very smart to understand everything on the internet and smart enough to find the new content, but it is not 100% foolproof. So you have to make efforts to protect your website from negative SEO attack. You cannot stop people from doing bad tricks but you can take the right action to prevent your website from such kind of activities.

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