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Tips for Writing Effective Social Media Post

Social networking is the biggest emerging business in today’s world. In order to be with this fast moving world, we need to get along with it via social networking website. People who like their opinion to be recommended by others need to create effective posts. Via Facebook and Twitter people can express their views. It also tells about others opinion also as it connects with rest of the world. YouTube allows the video demonstration of the user post. It displays what the post is trying to say. In addition, Instagram helps the post through the photo. All these options tend to improve day by day for the sake of people.


Tips For Making Effective Social Media Post


Using more and more Images

Images tend to attract people more than the simple text. And through the image people can get a better idea of what the post is trying to tell. Images help us to imagine the same situation and tend to give a little experience of the event mentioned in the post. Post with the images is also shared by more than 50% as compares to the plain text post. Suitable images with suitable captions attract more and more people and help the post to be an effective one.


Create an Informal Debate via Questions

Customer choices and a preference is the primary of a business. The company also ask questions from the customers in order to know more about their likeness and disliking in the following products. Via social media post company ask a question about their upcoming products or on-going services and people tend to respond to that. It creates a form of debate in which different people express their own views and things about the product.


Consistent Posting Schedule

Any social media agency will agree with you when it comes to consistent social media post. Business tends to make the mistakes of over posting and this might create a negative impact on the reviews.


Grammatical Errors

Always keep the grammar correct in your post. Post needs to be grammatically correct in order to be effective. Grammar needs to be effective in all aspects. Posting with grammatical effects may give an impact of amateur, which might be bad for the image of the user as well as for the post and it might fail to create an impact and making it of no use. Use Grammarly to remove grammar errors in the post.


Simple and Easy

Text shouldn’t long but it should be short simple and easy to understand. Content containing facts and figures make the text interesting for the user to read. When posting about an event currently going on, it must include some juicy content consisting of an all types of words.  The content should keep the reader seated in one place until and unless he or she reads all of it.



Abstract titles should be avoided. They should be innovative to attract more and more people. It can be anything from a blog post or YouTube videos and etc.


Don’t Forget your Content

Never go off from the topic, one can always talk about the things that are closely related to the topic but should never go off topic. One who goes off topic might distract the readers as they will be bored and might decide not to read anymore and not share it.


Be Positive

People with a positive attitude for their post and framing the content in a positive way. Positive post attracts more people and makes them happy by reading it as to costiveness is the key to happiness and success.



The timing makes everything perfect and so does it goes with the social media post. If you post during an on-going situation it will have a major impact than posting it later. Posts on current situation catch more attention of people. Understanding of present situation gets better on reading these posts. Putting themselves in the situation help them in understanding the situation in a better way.



In case of a terrorist attack, people want to know about it.  So, definitely, they will only read content related to it.  In the case of a sports event going on, sports lover always wants to know the details. So yes they will go with these post only.


Add Links

When posting about an online product or for some e-commerce website, people add the links along with the post, this helps to quickly view the product or service from the post only to increase the number of customers. Nowadays people often do these kinds of things and getting improvements in result day by day.


Call to Action Post

When posting about a serious issue, social networking websites allow an option to vote. It is about informing the majority of people that are supporting the different sides. Apart from this, it also tells about how serious and threatening its causes are. As voting is directly from the user's account, therefore there is no fake voting on your behalf. Voting is going to end in a fair manner.



People tend to go to the page that is consistent with the post and other stuff. It creates a positive image in the mind of the reader as they view the name of the page. They believe their post will be a good one as well as interesting to read.

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