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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization | SEO Basics

Nowadays, everyone who is doing business online needs to top of the Google Search Results and want to rank their website with #1 rank on the Google. Also, most of the people are aware of this term Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But, what is actually it is? Why is it needed? Why SEO is important for the websites as well as website promotion. In this post, we will discuss the Search Engine Optimization, its types, and techniques.



What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the Process of rank the web pages on the Search Engines through the keywords or phrases and increases the traffic to the website or blogs.

Another Definition of the SEO is, it is the process of changing the position of the web pages on the Search Engines and get the top rank on the search engine. This is the technique to rank your website on the #1 position on the search engine through a particular keyword or keyword phrases.

SEO helps to bring the organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic means a free traffic. The free traffic comes to the website when it gets start rank on Search Engines in top 10 results.

SEO is not about to promote your websites on the web but is also about the minor changes your websites required and you have to implement as well on the website.


Types of Search Engine Optimization

There are two types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO


On-Page SEO- On-Page SEO is the process to optimize the every individual page of the website for the user and search engine as well to rank higher on the Google or another search engine you want to.

On-Page SEO consist the following things and that should be optimized

Title Tag- Title tag is the headline that shows the top of the browser bar and also shows in the search results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). The character length for the Title tag is 50-65 characters.


Meta Description- Meta Description is the part of the search results and shows under the Title on the SERP in snippets.


Meta Keywords- In this tag, you can mention your keywords to tell the search engine about your keywords SE are not entertain this tag anymore and if you are using this tag in your website so kindly remove this tag from your website.


Meta Keywords- Meta Keywords are the important part of the on the page, as we discussed above some of the meta tags but there are other meta tags too that you can use for different purposes like meta robots tag.


Heading Tags- There are 6 heading tags in HTML we can use for web pages. There are some rules defined for these tags like you can use only one H1 tag per page but for single page website, it works in another way. 10H2 tags are recommended per page.


Keyword Density- It is important to include the relevant keywords in your content but who really cares about it. It is good practice to include keywords in the content but if they look natural and do not look like stuffing of keywords.


URL Structure- It is more important to use the Search Engine and User-Friendly URLs to make it easy for crawlers to crawl it and also make it easy to user’s to understand.

Short URLs are good and separate the URL by using the hyphen (-) instead of using the underscore (_) or percentage signs (%). Do not use the stopping words in the URL like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘an’ etc.


robots.txt File- robots.txt file is used to restrict the crawlers for crawling the website, web pages or you want to restrict in your website.


Image Optimization- It is good practice to optimize your images for the search engines to understand the images what they are actually about. Use the Alt Tag for the image optimization because search engine spiders do not read the images they read the text.


Sitemap- sitemap.xml file helps the search engine spiders to easily find the websites URL to crawl and index them in SE database. There are other sitemaps too but XML sitemap is recommended but if you do not use one, it won’t affect your ranking but it is nice to use it for the large websites.


Easy Navigation- It also the most important part the easy navigation. This only means to provide the user’s a user-friendly website with that he/she easily interact.


Internal Linking- Internal linking increase the user experience on the website as well as help in ranking but there are some tricks to use it.


Content- The most important part of the On-Page Optimization is the content optimization. Use the fresh, quality, and unique content to your website.


Off-Page SEO- Off-Page SEO means to execute the link building strategies to the website and link building is also the dangerous technique to use nowadays so if you are using any so use it wisely and create the link only in your niche website.


Some of the Off-Page SEO Techniques are

Forum Posting

Content Marketing

Local Citation

Classified Ads

Article Submissions


Guest Blogging


Infographic Submissions

Press Release


Techniques of SEO- There are three types of techniques in SEO and they are as follows

White Hat SEO Technique

Black Hat SEO Technique

Grey Hat SEO Technique


White Hat SEO Technique- It is the recommended and best SEO technique.

White Hat SEO technique means to work according to the Google Guidelines.

It is legal SEO technique and the results are for the long term.


Black Hat SEO Technique- It is the illegal SEO technique and cause to website penalization. Results are for short-term only sometimes you do not get any result.

Grey Hat SEO Technique- Grey Hat SEO technique is the combination of the White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques.



Search Engine Optimization is a process to make changes in the web pages and make them search engine friendly and rank higher on the SE. Use the White Hat SEO technique for long-term results and for better results. Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques that cause to website penalization. Optimize your website On-Page first and then go further for the Off-Page. Off-Page is a little tricky nowadays so perform Off-Page SEO techniques wisely.

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