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Importance & Advantages Of Social Media & It's Top 3 Channels



Today everyone has a pretty good understanding of Social Media and how it works. But there are a lot of other things which are totally different and most of the people don’t know about that. Social Media is very important for the personal use and for the business or professional use also. And we will discuss in this article about the Importance & Advantages Of Social Media & It's Top 3 Channels.




Social Media For Personal Use


The biggest advantage of using social media is that it helps you to connect with your friends (real and virtual friends), relatives and loved ones. You can share different information and news in the form of status and multimedia (images and videos). You can share anything you want through social media.

If someone is living in a foreign country than social media gives them a chance to connect with him and destroys the barriers of distance because you can connect with him anytime you want on social media without going in his country and without making a too costly ISD call.


social-media-for-businessSocial Media For Business

When it comes to business, then it is important for the businesses to make their presence on social media and use most of the social media platforms if possible. These social media platforms offer different options to share information about your business and the major benefit of using multiple social media platform is that each platform has had the different type of users (old, young, professional etc.), if you use multiple social media platforms then number of eyes (people) will see it. Every social media platform is unique and has different benefits too.


Social media is very important for both, a single person who uses Facebook for chatting and a business who use Facebook for marketing. Social media is the fastest growing industries and it will show more growth in upcoming time. Not only the younger generations are using social but also the older generations are also using it. Social media has become a part of everyone’s life and it is affecting our life because people took their costly time to use it and they don’t leave a single day without using it.


Some Facts That Make Social Media So Unique

Social media is easily accessible and it is a meeting spot where people can meet with each other sitting anywhere by using the internet.

For a business social media works as the medium that provides direct connection the clients without any third party.

Advertising through social media is cost friendly and a better option than other media.

Social media also helps in SEO and increases the rankings of company’s websites.


Top 3 Social Media Channels & Their Advantages

The benefit of Social media channels is that they allow people to connect with other. They can share images and other information through the social network. The social media channels are the quickest mediums to spread any kind of information. Today, many business owners choose social networking platforms to promote their business or services.



Here Are The Top 3 Social Media Channels & Their Advantages



Facebook is the biggest social networking site when it comes to the most numbers of users. Facebook is specially made to connect you with friends, family, and your interests. A large number of people are connected or registered with Facebook then a business can use Facebook to promote itself.


Advantages Of Facebook

• Facebook is free and also the best platform for chatting.

• Facebook allows you to connect with different people from different states and country.

•Facebook is the best options to get you updated with the latest news.

• By using Facebook anyone can share their feelings and their thoughts by using Facebook.

• You can create multiple groups and pages on Facebook.

• Facebook is also helpful in advertising for many business organizations.




Twitter is one of the top social networking sites today and having second largest numbers of users. When we describe Twitter a term micro blogging is used and the Twitter is classified as a micro blogging platform because, unlike Facebook, the size of post on twitter is fixed and the limit is 140 characters known as “tweets”. People use Twitter because the users are taking interest in new information, technology, services or products. Just like Facebook, businesses use Twitter for multiple reasons they use Twitter for their marketing strategy and for the customer service also. In old time Twitter is used as a medium to communicate and connect with friends, family, and relatives and now it turned into a powerful social medium to spread information. That’s why the business is using Twitter as a door of opportunity


Benefits Of Twitter

• Twitter is the powerful medium to getInformation/news.

• Twitter is also used to make the friend.

• Twitter is very helpful in providing marketing opportunities.

•Twitter works as a medium to promote the brand or business.




LinkedIn is a social networking site specially designed for professionals. The main reason why people joining this social networking site is that they want their profile will be visible to the other companies or to those companies which they are looking for. LinkedIn is a place for professionals so anyone can share and build their expertise on this platform. Like Facebook LinkedIn also allows you to create groups. Every group has its own subject, news about the job, and information about different job postings. If a business uses LinkedIn then it can help in finding the perfect person to work for the business. You can also find a person that might be interested in your business or products. The tagline of LinkedIn is “Relationships Matter” can easily describe what LinkedIn can do? It believes that building relations with peoples is an important and valuable thing.


Benefits Of LinkedIn

• You can create groups on LinkedIn for different purposes.

• LinkedIn helps you in making Professional Connections.

• You can also join groups related to your profession or occupation to get more opportunities.

•LinkedIn is the best social channel for the brand exposure.

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