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How to Make Website Mobile Friendly | Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

One cannot afford to miss the algorithm launched by Google commonly known as “Mobilegeddon”. Numerous websites have been punished by it owing to non-availability of the sites which are mobile friendly. It may be “making the mountain of mole” but believe it or not Google’s latest drive caught many websites which were not having the so-called mobile-friendly platform or the pages to support. And the punishment varied from poor or demeaned ranking of the search results for mobile.

It is nothing very important to all “Tom dick and Harry” but obviously very important and crucial information for the marketing professionals indulging into web marketing or online marketing or any organization having the dependency on online business.


As they say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. In the same way, the revolution brought by the internet has also created and conceived the need for mobile-friendly platforms or the mobile-friendly pages on the website to support the increasing access of Mobile Internet users.

Nowadays, Mobile network users have suppressed and burked upon the internet users through desktop or PC. It means the web marketers have to have the mobile supported website or web pages to cope up with the changing and dynamic scenario.

Google also supports the organizations or the business models that keep pace with the changing technology and requirements of the market.


Unfortunately, everything that looks and seems simple is, in reality, is not the same rather it is said to be more complex and typical. Some business models find it very difficult and complex to create a mobile-friendly platform because of numerous reasons and lack of knowledge is also one of the contributing factors.

It is not merely Cross-Platform or Cross-Browsing to create a website which is mobile-Friendly.


The following are the few points one should keep in mind while making a platform of mobile-friendly page or website which in turn proves to be accessible and easy.


  1. Use of Pictures having more pixels or the so-called high-Contrast and resolution

The way many social media websites uses the high-contrast and resolution images to provide best of the response. The latest versions of the HD phone screens or iPad etc. requires high quality and high contrast and resolution images to avoid blurred or the poor pixel images.


  1. Having two different websites is a strict No

It has been observed that deciding about what sort of content will be preferred by the user or which is suitable for mobile browsing is a Herculean task as it is the very subjective thing everyone has a different perspective, liking, thinking & taste.

The foundation of both sorts of websites is the same i.e. the Content or the impressive content.

Google does not optimize with the two different websites with same content, no matter one is meant for mobile browsing and the other for desktop. Therefore, it is imperative to have the same website with compatibility to both the platforms.


  1. Adopting the responsive or compatible design

The Responsive or the compatible web designs in layman’s language facilitates the site to be viewed on different platforms i.e. Mobile or desktop as per the screen size. Ultimately, resulting in requirements lesser efforts.

The responsive or the compatible design also facilitate and provide the website developer with the flexibility in terms or using the images, layout and last but not the least queries on style-sheet media by automatically recognizing the size of the screen and optimizing accordingly.


  1. Using a viewport meta or the customizing tag

It is imperative and very crucial to use viewport Meta or the customizing tag which supports the adjusting or scaling the size of the content as per the requirements.

Mobile devices do not get compatible without the usage of the same. It assists the browser to analyze the screen size and fit to screen as needed.


  1. Choosing the right type and size of Font and button

Choosing the right type and size of the Font and Button is very important in case of the mobile phone or device access. The font size neither should be too big nor too small and it is advocated and advised to have 10 minimum and 14 maximum for legibility.

In the same way, it is advisable to have bigger buttons as the chances remain high that the buttons are usually skipped unknowingly. But the size of the buttons should not be too small too to make an impressive mobile-friendly platform.


  1. Usage of Viewport meta tag in place of the default zoom

The default zoom can sometimes involve complexities with regards to the layout of the same and poses challenges for navigating the content. The usage of viewport Meta will help in streamlining the same and customize it for being mobile friendly.


  1. Listing and sharing the link to the videos of YouTube

It will be optimal and a good idea to list and sharing the videos or YouTube. Sometimes your own videos may prove to have the blurred or the not appropriate videos. Therefore, it is better to use the listing and sharing the videos on YouTube to cope up with the difficult scenario that one might come across.


  1. Provide the ease of Exposure and best of the user experience

It is always important and necessary to have a website with options of visiting the desktop or the full web page or site preferably on the top.

Giving unlimited exposure and the best of experience is augmented need of the user and the website developer should not limit and constrain the user.

Let it be decided by the user himself. Some of the users/prospective users do not turn out to be potential user or the user because of lack of exposure.


  1. Keep doing Marketing surveillance or improving as per the Dynamic scenario

Once you’re done does not end the process of improvement or ceases the room for improvement. The marketing surveillance process and testing the same on different platforms like Android, Windows, iPhone or may be other forms of tablet PCs. etc. should be a continuous improvement process and should always make it happening by checking for pages and buttons etc. by “Putting oneself into the shoes of the user” and thinking as per his/her perspective or involving someone who was not part of designing process. Continuous thirst for improvement is pivotal to match with the dynamic world and changing needs, wants and preferences.


The above-stated points are a mainstay to remain competitive in this revolutionary era mobile internet and access to the internet. It is not just the website which should match and adhere to the requirements but also for the purpose of management on social platforms or the media.

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