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How To Increase Traffic at The Website Through Google

Getting Website Through Google traffic from a search engine like Google could be a difficult and time taking process. Google only send you traffic and place higher in ranking when it finds your website informative and authorized. Google never want anyone to rank on its SERP who is only here to grab the audience and convert them to revenue.

Google want someone who is trusted and useful for its audience. Google uses ranking algorithms to find out the best search results for its users. It keeps updating its algorithms to improve its ranking strategies. But there are some basic rules by which Google can be impressed. You will surely get higher rankings for your website by following the steps which we mentioned below

  1. Fill your website with valuable content

According to Google content is the king. With Google’s Panda Algorithm, If your site is full with duplicate, thin or irrelevant content, you are not going to get good rankings and then it does not matter how hard your efforts in your marketing strategies. So, post valuable content which is good for users not only for the search engine. If users find your content helpful, Google will automatically detect you and gift you good rankings.

  1. Increase Website Speed

Just imagine, if you search for something in google and click on the result which you find worthy but the site keeps loading for a long time. Will you like it? Of course No. Google also wants to give its users fast results. That is why website speed is also a big ranking factor. You can check your website speed on official speed checker tool by google here.  If it is slow, contact your website builder.

  1. Increase Website Networks

Google also detect your website connections with other websites. In order to impress Google, you should have enough backlinks coming from big and stabled websites. Do not go with spammy and shady link building techniques. Try to get genuine links from trusted websites. You can try the below techniques to gain links from other websites.

a.    Guest Posting

b.    Dead Link Building

c.    Contribute in Forums

d.    Social Bookmarking

  1. Make your website Mobile Friendly

This is one of the most neglected google ranking factors. In April 2015, Google officially introduced a new ranking factor by which the website which is not good in mobile devices started to get decreased google ranking. Now, google ranking is totally depended upon the responsiveness of your website on mobile devices like smartphone, tablets etc. Check your website mobile performance here ( and contact your website builder if the results are negative.

  1. Focus on On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the simplest thing you can do to get decent ranking and traffic through google. This includes some basic optimizations which could be done on your website and its content. There are some methods to do best on-page SEO operation on your website.

a.    Improve website structure

b.    Do keyword Research before posting

c.    Add attractive post title

d.    Image optimization

e.    Use head tags appropriately (h1,h2,h3 etc)

f.    Add videos and images to your articles

Follow these methods and you will be able to get good traffic through google. Do not forget to share your views about this article.

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