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How to get organic traffic to your website (Basic methods to increase website traffic)

Organic traffic is the best and productive traffic among all types of traffics to your website. Organic traffic is the one which comes directly through a search engine. When someone searches for something on a search engine like Google, certain results come up. Your website should come and people should click on it. This is the process of getting an organic user to your website. There are lots of other traffic channels like social, referral and direct. But everyone tries to get organic because it gives us more reach and revenue.

There are some methods by which you can get a huge amount of organic traffic to your website. We will discuss all of them step by step.


  1. Post Regularly on your website

You must be active on your website and keep posting on regular basis. If you have a commercial website then create a blog page for it and post related content in it regularly. This will make trust in the search engine and help you to get a good search position and hence good organic traffic.


  1. Do Keyword Research

If you are posting the things on your website for which no one is searching, then it is a waste of time. You should post demanded and relevant content on your website on the keyword which is searched by people. Use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic to search for keyword search volume, competition, CPC etc. Add those keywords into your title and written content.


  1. Optimize your website for Google

As of October 2018, More than 92% of users use the Google search engine to search for anything on the internet. Most probably the users for whom you are looking for would be using google. So, you must make your website Google friendly to make it easily understandable by Google easily. You can try the techniques to make your website optimized for Google.

•    Use Logical link structure while you build your website

•    Do not use images to show vital data for Google. (Google can’t read text written on images)


  1. Get Natural incoming links from relevant websites

There are millions of website which are not seen in any search result while anyone searches for the related keyword. This could happen because of the lack of incoming links to your website. Google also understand your website and its content according to the links which are coming from another website. Try to get links from the genuine website by valid methods. Do not try to use spammy link strategies. They can hurt your website performance.

  1. Focus on Off-Page SEO

You can use some authentic off page SEO technique which can boost your visibility on a search engine and could give you more organic traffic. There are lots of off page SEO techniques which are effective to increase your search ranking and fully allowed by Google and other search engines too.

•    Do Forum Posting

•    Utilize link building techniques

•    Create more social signals with social media sharing

•    Guest Posting

•    Directory Submissions


Things to Avoid:

You should avoid these things to impress the search engine and arrange more organic traffic to your website.

•    Do not go with shady link building techniques

•    Do not overoptimize your website content

•    Do not exchange or purchase links

•    Do not link your website out of your niche

•    Do not use excessive ad units on your website


Some people want to get high traffic and rankings in a little time with irregular techniques. It will drop your website trust and you will not be able to rank higher. So, be tolerant and do legal things to promote your website.


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