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How to Earn Money from AdSense | Make Money from AdSense

The Technology has coined and opened many other ways to earn money online and Google AdSense is one of the best and sought after program which is based on Context and contextual advertisements. The program allows the user to run advertisements on the website or the articles or blogs or YouTube Videos so as to get paid on every visit and new click. The businesses those use Google AdWords program provide the advertisements.



The Google AdSense program offers the many other benefits which may be categorically mentioned as follows:-

Free Enrollment and Eligibility Criteria

One can cash in on the Blogs and website no matter it is new or old and the eligibility criteria and requirements are also simple and easy.

The Google AdSense program offers different advertisements options and one can tailor-made the same as per one’s website or blog or Youtube video.

The payment frequency can be monthly (in case one meets the $100 USD threshold) through deposits directly.

One can offer to have multiple websites by using just one AdSense account registration.

One gets to have the options of running the advertisements or ads mobile devices and RSS feeds.

One can without much difficulty include to the one’s YouTube or the Blog accounts or all at one go.

As it is said that “it is never so easy then done” and “nothing comes with just benefits or advantages everything has got to have its disadvantages or the drawbacks as well”. In the same way, someone said that “there is no free lunch” so in order to earn money one has to take care of the following disadvantages and drawbacks of AdSense as well:

The Google reserves the right to terminate the account in an instance, and no one is spared in case the rules are broken.

In order to earn money through online mode, the traffic should be targeted and the desired quantity of the targeted traffic has to be there.

Whenever a viewer or sufferer clicks on an AdSense Advertisement/Ad, the blogger/website owner/Youtube channel owner makes money but if the content is not impressive it may so happen that the visitor also stops visiting the site.

One cannot all the time earn more than or even equal to other programs available.

The Google AdSense program offers a great option to earn money, it is not too easy to earn money or make money without doing anything. There are set of rules laid down by Google and usually, they are not being paid due attention upfront resulting the loss of account without even getting to know the reason of violating and losing the account forever.


Option or the forms of AdSense Ads Availability

The Google has got to an offer numerous and different variety of ad types to be run on the website /blog/Youtube:

The Ads in the forms of Text: Use the words based either the unit of the Ad or the Link Unit and provide the many forms of variety and sizes. One is allowed to tailor-made the color scheme of the box, links or the texts.


Graphics and Pictorial or Image Ads: The Image Ads are provided in various sizes. One can mix both image and text ads.


Flash and Video: Features of Interactive ads through Flash or the ads having Rich Media including HTML.


Audio Ads: The AdSense for searches offers to google search box can be had on the site. Whenever any user or net sufferer does a search, the resulting page will assist opening with AdSense ads.

The color organizing or scheme can be customized or tailor-made as per the search results and synchronize with the website.


Payments by Google AdSense

The facility to get the payment either through monthly via deposit directly or through cheque. But the AdSense payment is not paid unless the earnings cross or exceed $100 USD.

 In case one is not able to reach or cross in a month, the earnings get cumulative and are summed in the next month payout. As soon as one reaches the $100 USD threshold, the payment is paid to the AdSense account holder by Google on the achievement and reaching the next payment period.

One can even get to know about the AdSense account balance, earnings and which are the ads which are bringing and generating the most clicks etc.


Foolproof way to Make Money via AdSense

If one wishes to earn significant earnings through AdSense, one requires having a plan and fool-proof way. The following tips can be used to maximize AdSense earnings:

One should be well versed with and adhere to the Google's rules. Google's webmaster policies, as well as the AdSense program policy, has to be adhered and followed by the website owner or the Webmasters in all conditions.

One is not expected to click on one’s own add or ask others to do the same or click the ads. Providing incentives to click or buying per click or usually known as PPC (Pay Per Click) or utilizing a program to design more traffic to AdSense page is not acceptable and considered a violation of and against the rules of Google policy.

The Best idea is to have the Amazing Content that the target audience or market us looking to read.

Using “the honesty as best policy” the honest, organically generated traffic foundation and building, adoption of ethical promotional techniques, synchronizing and harmonizing the search engines optimizing techniques and also the marketing of article.

Testing the efficacy and effectiveness of the form or the placement to find the avenues and ways to lead to the incremental income.


Don’t ignore any email coming from Google, and in the case when it is a warning about something unusual or it doesn't like the site. Ignoring the complaints and warnings from  Google leads to ultimate termination from the program and deactivation of AdSense Account.


Tackling and Dealing with Advertisements which are from Competitors' or Questionable In case the ads delivered by Google belong to your competitor or questionable in case you are offering some products or services, You may be subjected to face consequences.

And there may be some ads which are not at all legitimate or somehow missing the legitimacy or may be offending in nature. One is allowed to block and specify maximum 200 URLs and bar them from coming to appear on the site.

The challenge of this is two-fold

One does not get to know about the ads which are coming or running on the site unless and until one watches them. Moreover, when each page gets loaded and based on the browsing history of the visitors the ads get customized and optimized and the same Ad will not show up again or in a different location.

Since one is not supposed to and can't click on own links to show the pseudo or false traffic, one needs to be very cautious and careful about getting the URLlist to be blocked.

The optimum way to copy the same (link) and paste to any text editor such as notepad. The Google URL may be too long but once it's copied and pasted in one’s own AdSense account and block the ads.


Options of Programs other than AdSense

One gets the many other programs like AdSense, E.g. InfoLinks and There are few programs that require a minimum threshold of traffic so one has to wait unless one develops and establishes the traffic threshold.

Almost they have similar policies and rules layout like Google. E.g. they have limited the number to 3 for the network's ads per page and they can terminate one’s account in case the own ads are clicked.

Usually one is able to run and execute various ad networks on one’s site without going against or violating the terms of the program service.

The other networks usually do not allow their rules to be read beforehand. Moreover, one always tries to minimize the ads so that the main content remains visible.

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