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Digital Marketing Trends 2018

The trends in Digital Marketing and technology are ever changing and dynamic. The technology for increasing the contribution of digital marketing is of utmost importance to us nowadays.

I feel privileged and fortunate enough to be part of this era which is revolutionary digital marketing and technology era. There has been tremendous growth in the importance of Organic and Paid Searches. Also, in the Social Media and Mobile Smartphone use.

What marketing trend is going to be the game changer in 2018? It remains to be an interesting question hitting our mind again. The digital marketing megatrends which are going to guide the marketing strategies and techniques are as follows:

Marketing of the Digital Content


It is undisputed outcome and observation of the marketers, the content marketing is going to be the topmost trend in 2018.

The content marketing will be working as the fuel for the purpose of engagement through the social media, blogging etc.


Actionable Data or Big Data


It is the data which provides the insights through data and provides predictive analysis.

It is not surprising to see Big Data or the Actionable Data have the trend changing capabilities.

The marketers are aware of the utility of it and they are must to be considered to remain competitive.


Learning through Machine or the Artificial Intelligence


The learning and intelligence acquired from the techniques like Artificial Intelligence or A.I.

A.I. is mapped with the help of lifecycle of the customer through the integrated marketing activities.

The digital marketing is found to be complex and it has given rise to many techniques.

You have to think the way customer thinks while the decision-making process.

The marketer needs to provide customized and tailor-made solutions to the customer.


Making and utilizing the Social Media as part of Integral communication


The social media and social messaging apps have taken the crucial part of everyone’s life.

More than half of the internet users use Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media and messaging platforms.

You have to make and utilize the Social Media as part of Integral communication to be updated and competitive.


Improvising the Customer Experience


The customer today has got so many choices and is a king with the increasing competition.

Gone are the days when the customer was bound to one vendor or the service provider due to monopoly or other such practices.

Therefore, it is applicable to consolidate the customer engagement and response through tailor-made solutions provided as per the customer need.

It may also include the customization of the websites and it is very much prevalent and common usually in e-commerce segments.

Ex: Travel, Financial and Retail Services.

Nowadays, the changing trend is having lower cost options in different forms of solutions.


The three personalized or customized levels can be Optimizing, Segmenting and face to face of one to one interaction.


Marketing Automation through the Integrated Machine


The Email-Marketing is another upcoming trend being depicted.

Many types of research have shown that email marketing despite being automated offers the widespread.

The segmentation and targeting activity through email is dependent on a number of factors and they are ever-changing and dynamic too.

The researchers have confirmed that you cannot miss the opportunities being provided by the automated emails for the prospective customers.

Email marketing is an automated process and deploys the artificial intelligence and learning through machines.

Though the customization process is a bit complex by nature and email marketing is more complex than that.


Content Video or Blog posts


Nowadays, the video content or the blog content marketing on social media is another popular domain.

Google was supposed to be the best and first search engines and YouTube used to be called the second best search engines.

But, Google has acquired the position in video content and blog content marketing as well.

The adventurous and curious customers are engaged with the help of what we call Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Many games or sports marketing organizations have started to deploy the virtual reality video techniques for the purpose.


Compiling and integrating the data sources

The trend is to integrate and compile the different data sources. It eventually helps in comparing the performance of various social media.

Although, availing these services costs a lot and they do not help you in increasing your business overnight.

But it is important to understand that the money spent is getting the desired yields or not in order to choose the right promotion channels.


Understanding the Integral Digital Marketing insights and its sources

It is something like staying up to date through the Blog Posts or the Content Marketing through various channels.

Ex: Through newsletters which can be weekly or monthly.

It is very important to keep marketing teams up to date in order to stay competitive and have an extra edge.


Content Marketing activities and adopting it as an integral part

The social media is rapidly taking a toll on everyone’s life. Despite that, it is lacking and far behind in most of the segments.

It has been seen as the best of the medium to engage with the customers and gain popularity.

At the same time, it is important to conclude that it does not provide the lead volume which any business usually seeks for.


On the other hand, if the search or content marketing is seen it is relatively better placed. It is the importance of the techniques like Related questions, panel or knowledge discussion platforms. Quora is a platform which is taking a toll even on Facebook and other social media sites as it is more relevant and apt for the curious and avid readers and talk sense. More and more sensible people with common sense are shifting to in place of Facebook and other social media platforms which give more of spamming and viral spamming information.

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