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Best Plugin for Speedup WordPress Website | Speedup Plugin for Wordpress

Today’s fast-paced world also looks for fast things E.g. fast websites, speed. No one wishes to be slow or run slow. It is said that "Time is Money" and everyone wishes to earn more money at the cost of time.

Nowadays it is important to offer the website which is swift too. The slow website not only kills time but also lowers the ranking on search engines, eventually and ultimately resulting in the lower sales or output.

Time is money so we say even the second count and therefore a slow website or mobile site eventually lowers the ranking on Google.


As per the need of the hour, one should go for the best or the fastest host of the web. Having the web host enables you to fix a slow or slow in loading website with the help of using the WordPress plug-ins simply.


The top WordPress plug-ins which are helpful in enhancing the speed of your website, ensure and provide for the better traffic attraction and at the same time-saving time and eventually the cost or money.


Before going into the discussion of using and adopting the plug-ins, it is imperative to mention and kept in mind while adopting the plug-ins that there may be incidences of conflicts or overlapping with other pre-existing programs.

Therefore, taking the backup of the data of the site is always advocated and advised by the experts.


Backup solutions are available easily both free and paid. That you must scrutinize before using unless you have automated backup of the site and its setup.



CloudFlare is categorized as CDN or Content Delivery Network, the service that ensures the delivery of the content throughout the world and also proximate the visitors. It is one of the technical plugins.

Hosting the content on numbers of servers ensure the faster upload of the content or the website. It is available free of cost.


Better WordPress Minify

CSS files and files like JavaScript are minified and the provide help to increase or speed the process. The process of Minification helps in removing the blank or the white space wherever coded files are there and ultimately makes it easier and quick upload of the page.

This can be categorized as the best of the solution for WordPress minification which is available. Free of cost.


Lazy Load

This plug-in helps and focuses more on image uploading since large size images usually take more time and cause confusion and delay in the page uploading. This plays a pivotal and significant role in heavy sites due to images or some of the other reasons. This plug-in is important if your website/blog is about photography or food.

Lazy Load reduces the page load time as the images are not ready unless they are in the viewport. It is also one of the free offerings.


WP Smush

In case you are not able to be disciplined and able to cash in on through optimization the images before arranging on the website, they are brought in routine sizes with the help of WP Smush plug-in.

It is available in two versions usually known as “lossless' methods”, although the paid version provides and offers “lossy' compression”.


WP Rocket


WP Rocket offers CDN capabilities, browser caching, enables page caching, GZIP compression, magnifying, and many others.

In order to comprehend and understand the process how to increase the speed of your website, going through and reading articles on Caching and its protocols or SOPs on WordPress.

With regards to the plug-ins for caching, people prefer to use W3 Total Cache, but it comes with a flaw a layman or non-technical person finds it difficult to configure the same.

If one is looking for paid version or do not mind paying for the Plug-in then the WP rocket is handy and user-friendly caching plug-in.

WP Rocket costs around $ 39 USD.


Jetpack's Photon


Jetpack offers free of cost features and is supposed to serve many purposes and it is usually preconfigured or preinstalled on most of the WordPress. One can customize and activate the functions as per the specific needs.

Photon is the feature offered by the Jetpack plug-in and helps in accelerating and enhancing the loading of the image. The stores the images provided by the Photon. In other words, the user is located or access the website, the user gets the faster speed comparatively.


EWWW Image Optimizer


It is also one of the free options for the purpose of optimizing the images within the WordPress and its installed version such as WP Smush.

The users usually keep on arguing with regards to the better options of plug-ins. But usually, it is taken into consideration which one to buy.


WP Database Optimizer

It offers the free of cost options of theme settings, plug-in settings, and repetitive post revisions and which may further delay the WordPress and its database.

One can research and do more to strategies and reduces the database burden and get rid of the data which is unused.



The poor speed of the website make you suffer, on the other hand, one may search for the bottlenecks of speed inside the WordPress itself. In the case as a businessman, you are looking for something to speed up the process through WordPress Website, or the sites which offer best of the plug-ins available for the purpose of remedy, medicines etc.

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