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5 Ways to Boost up the Website Traffic

When you ask a celebrity what he did like most and his answer will be more fans or follower (on a social network) the same thing when you ask an online business owner and he will surely answer you the more customers. And the term more customer means more traffic to their website. More traffic on the website is very good thing for the owner of the website. And there are a lot of techniques and strategies specially created for generating more traffic to your website.



There are many techniques or ways to boost up the Website Traffic and here are the 5 of them


Social Media can Boost Traffic

It is not enough to create a beautiful website and best content to make your website well known or famous you have to think ahead. The best medium to make your website famous is to use social media network to promote your website. Social Media is the best way to boost traffic to your website. The main thing on social media is to be active and doing proper updates in the form of links, videos, articles, blog posts, pictures etc. according to the interest of your audience just to hold them. The best thing about social media is that it can generate traffic by sharing to others.

You can also take advantage of that thing and you have to facilitate your users by making your website very easy for them to socially share it with others. They will do this by sharing links and pages of your website with their friends on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more. In social media referring plays a big role in making something viral or famous. When you use Social Media you have to understand the way to use different social media networks like Twitter is ideal when the link limit is short and Instagram and Pinterest are mostly used for images.


SEO is Helpful in Boosting Traffic

Most of the people think that SEO is only used to rank on search engines and if you also think same then think again. SEO can take the maximum output from your resources on your website and it could help in boosting your traffic. Search Engine Optimization provides you everything that you want to attract people so they come to your website or access your website.

The SEO can optimize your website according to the different key search that people mostly use to type of the on search engines when they search product or service that you are providing. They type the keyword in the form question or phrase on a search engine, and then the search shows the page in the search results related to the keyword. SEO is the oldest and reliable source to boost the traffic.


Blogs can also Boost Traffic

Blogs are very good medium to bring traffic to your website. Whenever you publish a blog on your website then your website automatically gets more amount of traffic. By using blogs you can provide your audience interesting and useful information and that increases the number of visits, blogging can also increase the number of indexed pages and the usage of keywords on your website and rank your website high in the results search on engine engines.

You can write a blog post and also able to publish it on someone else’s blog it allows you to get in touch with a whole new audience and also the chance to attract them. If they get attracted then they will come to your website. Blogs allow the comments option and these comments are linked to the commenter’s website.

Blog Commenting is also a good source to boost traffic. But commenting on irrelevant blogs or spammy blogs considered spammy and cause to harm the website in future, so if you do the commenting so, first find the niche blog or website and make a comment that will use or have some value to the authors and users as well. 


Use E-Mail as a medium to bring more Traffic to Your Website

E-Mail is on the top position when it comes to sharing content online. Email is just not a medium to send or receive official things. If someone sends an E-mail about his product or services to the peoples if he or she found that interesting then they will register on their website and whenever they will receive any E-mail from them they will definitely go to your website and also share it with others. Email Marketing can be a powerful medium to boost traffic if used properly.


You can get more Traffic by Advertising

Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Native Advertising and Display Advertising is the best way to attract peoples, building and gives you a platform to present your website in front of many people. Online Advertising will be a good source to boost traffic for your website, Online advertising is used in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in this advertising the service seekers have to pay an amount in the form of the fee each time when someone clicks on their advertisement.

By this, you can convert them into your visitors and also increase the traffic. That number of new users will be a return on your marketing investment. If you choose paid advertising option than a proper planning is required before starting it. If the planning is not proper then you can waste a lot of money for an unsuccessful online advertising.


The Responsive Website is the Best Option to Boost Traffic

If you want more traffic on your website then convert you existing website and make Responsive by doing this you can make the content of your website accessible and readable for every user without any issue they can use any kind of device to access your website. People are using mobile, tablet, laptop and computer and your Responsive Website will work better on all of the devices, and so if you want more traffic on your website then you have to create a responsive website.

The days when peoples use Desktops and PCs to access are gone and they have more device option available. Today the maximum numbers of people are using mobile devices to access the internet, so it is very important to take care about the relevance of the visitor on your website and don’t give them any chance or reason to go somewhere else and responsive gets the priority from the search engine to rank high.

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